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In 1954, law enforcement officer Rick Davis passed the test for the Secret Service with flying colors. Within hours of passing his test he was assigned to protect H-Bomb developer Alfredo Costas from communists who sought to steal his secrets, exposing a communist cell operating out of a book club in Washington, D.C. Later he was dispatched to Cairo, Egypt to pose as a communist agent in order to secure secret documents. This mission was almost foiled by the portly soldier-of-fortune known only as Demetrius, who later protected Rick from a thrown knife. Shortly thereafter, Rick was sent to Switzerland to either obtain or stop the communists from obtaining a specially condensed explosive and timer invented by former Nazi scientist Johanne Schmidt[1].

In 1955, Rick Davis travelled to Czechoslovakia to liberate Professor Anton Ledovik, the developer of a new light weight super-strong alloy from Communist operatives that had kidnapped him. Returning to the United States, Rick exposed a Communist plot to poison the crops being grown in the midwest. Rick was then sent to London where he infiltrated a Communist cell that was working within the local industrial union, and was responsible for its dismantling[2]. Davis was next sent to Africa where he was assigned to stop Communist operatives from convincing local tribes to go to war against the government. Back in the United States, Davis was sent to a secret rocket testing facility in New Mexico where he thwarted a Communist plot to sabotage the tests. He was later dispatched to Germany where he stopped a Communist assassin known as the Hatchet Man from eliminating American contacts in the country[3]. Sent back to the United States, Rick investigated Chinese communists active in San Francisco, and dismantled Su Ming Toy's spy cell operating out of the China Doll Club. Sent to India, Rick prevented Communist and former Nazi operative Carl Tezler from convincing the Maharajah of Jahnapur to side with the Soviets, securing the royals alliance with the United States. Rick's last recorded mission brought him to Holland where he stopped Communist agents in their plot to force counterfeit artist Johannes van Cleve to make fake American currency to flood the market and crash the American economy[4].

Subsequent missions of Rick Davis remain unrecorded and his ultimate fate is unknown.



Typically Rick Davis carried a pistol.

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