Quote1 Our fondest memories and darkest demons became a waking nightmare. I became the ultimate warrior! Quote2
-- Brigade

Brigade's origins began in Iraq, a U.S. special forces platoon was sent in to do a simple mission. Drop a package in an enemy underground bunker, but the mission went wrong as an Iraqi explosive went off, causing a chain reaction which detonated the nerve agent killing all 100 men, but the gas kept their cellular tissues alive. Roekel seized the opportunity and took the 100 bodies for his experiments. He combined their body parts with huge cybernetic arm appendages.[citation needed]

He fused their brains into an alien neural network, their fondest memories and darkest demons became a walking nightmare. Originally the minds of 100 soldiers were mixed and reformatted to follow a singular consciousness--Rick Landau. But being a work of progress, certain mental problems had not been perfected. Brigade was prone to fits of dissociative identity seizures where any number of his former teammates' personalities broke out, rejecting the singular identity. But being the former platoon leader that he was, Rick Landau has to work hard to keep his personalities in line like a drill master.[citation needed]

Over all, Rick Landau believes he has become the ultimate warrior.[citation needed]


Cybernetic Arms: Brigade is capable of firing a variety of plasma bolts/ammunition from his hands and shoulders. Using this power, combined with his high rate-of-fire, he can decimate even the strongest opponents quickly and with ease. Brigade also has superhuman strength and durability that rivals Rhino's.[citation needed]

Strength level

He is in the same level of Rhino.[citation needed]


Having had the psyches of 100 men implanted into his head, at any point in battle one of the minds will attempt to break out and reject the singular identity, immobilizing Landau as he fights for control of his body.[citation needed]

  • Age: 38

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