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Rick Mason was the older brother of Phin Mason and her best friend, Miles Morales, looked up to him. After the death of their parents, Rick became Phin's surrogate father and inherited their fix-it shop. He considered selling it, but Phin convinced him not too. After he graduated from college, he was recruited by Roxxon as an engineer. He created NuForm, a new energy source that was clean, but also deadly. His boss, Simon Krieger, not only took credit for his creation, but also claimed NuForm was safe. After NuForm made Rick sick, he decided to destroy Roxxon's NuForm sample. Unfortunately, Krieger saw this coming and locked Rick in the chamber, killing him.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Chemistry[1]
  • Engineering[1]
  • Photographic Memory[1]



  • Rick died at twenty-four years old.[1]
  • He was a fan of crime novels and pre-70s R&B albums.[1]
  • His email was[1]

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