Rick Mason was a mercenary who specialized in the non-lethal handling of superhumans, having grown up exposed to advanced technology necessary for such tasks as the son of Phineas Mason, the criminal inventor known as the Tinkerer. Another source of education were the likes of Nick Fury, Sir Denis Nayland, and Alexi Vazhin, among others, the experience he gained working alongside them making Mason a highly trained covert operative. Going freelance, he could only be found online under the codename "The Agent", his clients including government agencies of America, the United Kingdom, Israel, France. etc.

While working for the UK, the Agent fought three renegade members of China's China Force super-team, who were seeking to undermine the then in power British government in Hong Kong. This was followed by a similar situation in South America he was brought into by Nick Fury, during which he incapacitated or eliminated a quintet of super-powered mercenaries, thus allowing American-backed rebels to take over Costa Brava and install their leader as president. In the aftermath, Mason learned one of his old mentors, the Chinese geomancer Teng Yun-Suan, was responsible for these attempted coups, and was forced to kill him in the resulting face-off.[1]

Following this escapade, Mason was taken hostage by the criminal organization "The Corporation" in a failed attempted to force the Tinkerer to work exclusively for them. Mason managed to escape by himself, but encountered Luke Cage and Dakota North, whom the Tinkerer had hired to rescue him, and together they defeated the Corporation. Unfortunately, Mason was apparently killed later on, murdered by an unidentified super-villain, after which his activities as the anonymous Agent became public knowledge.


Mason is a highly trained fighter, a modern weaponry expert, and a fluent linguist. He has contacts with most of the world's major intelligence agencies.[1]

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