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Quote1 Oh, cheeeeese! Can't see--I'm scared! Better have another Combos to--You threaten the professor, buckets-for-brains, you deal with me! Call me Combo Man! I've been transformed! I feel like I can do almost anything! Like I've got all the powers in the world! What's happened to me? Quote2
Combo Man[src]

Combo Man was a mild mannered student until a science experiment between CombosTM Baked Snacks and Marvel Comics gave him the powers and weaknesses of fourteen superhumans.


Rick Wilder was a student at a school who was constantly bullied into burglarizing the school's lab, but at the same time, A.I.M. was also burglarizing the lab. After getting into a brief skirmish, there was an explosion, and Combo Man was born since Rick was carrying both Marvel Comics and CombosTM Baked Snacks. Using his new found powers, he defeated A.I.M., as well as their Super-Adaptoid, and learned a lesson about peer pressure.[1]

Rick Wilder (Earth-616) from Combo Man Vol 1 1

Becoming Combo Man

Combo Man had his own booth at The Alley Behind A Closed-Down Laundromat Comic-Con in New York City along with other lesser-known comic book characters such as Brute Force, Spider-Ham, Forbush Man, Flatman, Obnoxio the Clown, Wundarr the Aquarian, and Captain Ultra.[2]





Those of Hulk, Cyclops, Iron Man, Magneto, Punisher, Captain America, Sabretooth, Carnage, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Century, Human Torch, Silver Surfer, and Gambit all at once.

An additional weakness is that Rick can access his powers only by consuming some CombosTM, or else he would revert to his normal form.[1]





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