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Origins and Wrecking Crew

When Ricky Calusky discovered that he was the illegitimate son of the infamous Piledriver from the Wrecking Crew, he decided to run away from his grandparents' home and join his father in a life of crime. Piledriver agreed to tutor Ricky under the motive of training a new recruit to take over upon his own retirement.[2]

Armed with a shovel enchanted with the same Asgardian Magic as Wrecker's Crowbar, Ricky became known as Excavator. Unfortunately, his first bank-heist was thwarted by the Runaways, who believed they were saving Ricky from his criminal father. The Runaways quickly defeated the Wrecking Crew with Excavator shattering his shovel to pieces on an unharmed Molly Hayes.[2]

Excavator with his father Piledriver

Bagalia and Young Masters

Eventually, Excavator relocated to Bagalia and joined the Young Masters of Evil under Constrictor's leadership. With his enchanted shovel repaired, Excavator willingly became one of Bagalia's enforcers.[3][1]

It was in Bagalia that Ricky met Death Locket after she and the others Murderworld survivors pummeled the Young Masters on their way to save Cullen Bloodstone.[3] The pair appeared to share a mutual attraction, and Excavator made efforts to become close with Death Locket.[3][1]

Some time later, Ricky was arrested by Alpha Flight when he was coming out of a cinema with his father. A prediction from the Inhuman profiler Ulysses Cain had revealed that in three days, Ricky would've murdered his father in an attempt to harness his powers, which would've led to an explosion and the death of a dozen people. After being subdued, Ricky was placed in a S.H.I.E.L.D. holding facility.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Ricky Calusky was born human with no metahuman abilities. However, after gaining his shovel enchanted with the same Asgardian Magic as Wrecker's Crowbar, Ricky became the Excavator and gained powers similar to those of the Wrecking Crew, including:



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