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Ricky Gibson was a mutant who was rescued from a murderous mob by Charles Xavier and Magneto and recruited into The Brotherhood after his uncontrollable powers activated at age 16. He was trained by the Brotherhood in San Francisco to control his powers and after two years he moved to the Savage Land to help found a new mutant utopia. Rechristened as Detonator, Ricky abandoned his human name and fully accepted Magneto's beliefs on mutant supremacy, joining him when Xavier and his followers fled the Savage Land. Ricky engaged in Magneto's terrorist campaign against the United States by detonating himself inside the Pentagon. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, but it was implied his lack of absence means he was apprehended or slain during the incident.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[2]
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Explosion Inducement: He seems to be able to create powerful explosions. He could throw a punch, and upon contact, start an explosion, making quick work of jail cells or enemies. He could tear through walls, cause a maximum of damage to any structure with a minimum of effort on his part. The extents of his power were never developed. Therefore it is unknown if he spontaneously combusted his own body parts, then reformed said body parts, or if he simply created these explosions around his person yet had a natural immunity to this.

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