Ricky Myers was supposedly killed by the Hulk.[1] It was later revealed to be a ruse by the Leader to frame the Hulk for murder. Ricky was actually alive and hidden away in the secret base of Home Base, an organization that the Leader led behind the scenes. Hulk unexpectedly found Ricky after entering the hideout while chasing after a Krill that took a sample of his blood. When Hulk approached Ricky, he was hit by a laser, triggering a mechanism that caused the room to collapse and burying Ricky beneath a pile of rubble.[2]

The Ricky that Hulk found was a actually a robotic duplicate. The real Ricky was hidden in another part of the hideout. Ricky was found by his mother Sandra Verdugo. However, the Leader had rigged the hideout to be destroyed by a nuclear warhead. Unfortunately, Sandra and Ricky both died in the explosion.[3]

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