With Carnage on the loose and taking over Doverton, Colorado, the U.S. army needed symbiotes to combat symbiotes.

After the Hybrid symbiote was de-fused, Lieutenant Rico Axelson, member of the Mercury Team, was given the symbiote known as Phage. He used his symbiote to combat the various symbiote controlled towns-people of Doverton.[1]

He and the other human members of the Mercury Team were later killed by Carnage when the criminal encountered the ghost town their secret base was located at by chance during his murderous journey around the United States.[2]


Super-Human Sight: The Phage symbiote grants Rico incredible sight, allowing him to hit a small target with an assault rifle at a mile distance with only iron sights.


Trained well in the military


Sonics and fire




M-16 assault/silencer rifle

  • The Phage name for the symbiote wasn't officially used until Carnage, U.S.A. #2, with Howard Ogden as host.
    • Phage was actually a fan-made name, and the nickname for the Xenophage, a giant predatory alien-monster that preyed upon symbiotes, but the name Phage stuck in the symbiote mythos for the name of Carl Mach's symbiote.

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