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Riek Bukenya's life was changed forever when he was kidnapped from his school and taken to Sudan to be a soldier for the rebels (possibly Lord's Resistance Army or some off-shoot thereof), led by a man known as the Reverend. Riek refused to fight at first, and for his resistance, his left ear was cut off.

Riek's powers first emerged in force during his first battle. Terrified for his life, Riek caused time to slow down. Unsure of how to use his new found ability, he aided the LRA in winning the battle. This made him a hero. However, Riek hated killing, and soon came to detest the Reverend after learning that the rebel leader was sexually exploiting kidnapped girls. After attacking the Reverend, Riek ran away from the rebel camp.

Riek ended up with the Ugandan People's Defense Force (the government's army), and was taken to a center for traumatized children. However, he left the center when he learned that the UPDF planned to arrest him as a rebel.

Riek returned to the rebel camp, which he resolved to destroy in revenge for the LRA making him an outcast. Slowing down time to a crawl, he killed the Reverend and his deputies. However, his conscious use of his powers proved to be too much for his heart, and he died seconds later.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Chronokinesis: Able to slow down or even halt the flow of time for everyone except himself. This ability was apparently connected to his heart.


Trained in the use of guns


Excessive use of powers appeared to take a toll on his heart




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