The being designated Rigel Type Zeta 9 served for as the Court Recorder for the Magistrati of the Living Tribunal.[1]

RT-Z9 served as court recorder and bailiff for Judge Walters during her time serving as part of the Magistrati.[1] He was present during the cases of Merkra v. Merkra, the territorial dispute between the chronally-challenged Sloggs and the hyper-accelerated Blurzz, the Recluses' claim of the right to Cosmic Privacy brought against the Watchers, the defeat of the Champion of the Universe on Planet Skardon, and later at the trial of Starfox among the Eternals.[2]

Artie Zix changing back into RT-Z9

Although Recluses found the solution of permanently silencing Qyre the Watcher to be acceptable, but the were far from satisfied. They feared that She-Hulk would one day reverse her ruling and they ordered the Magistrati recorder, RT-Z9, to secretly observe her. To accomplish this, RT-Z9 took on the disguise of Artie Zix and partially deceived Holden Holliway into allowing him to assume control of GLK&H while Holden searched for his granddaughter, Southpaw.[3][6] After assuming control of GLK&H, Z9 had Ditto take on the identity of "Dottie" and become his secretary.[2] He maintained this persona despite being discovered by Stu Cicero[4] until he finally collected all the necessary information and prepared to return to the Recluses. He was unfortunately destroyed while en route by the mass murderer of the Recluses.[6]

Powers and Abilities


As an automaton, RT-Z9 possesses multiple capabilities including:

  • Self-Propelled Flight: This abilities ranges from levitation to space-travel.[1][2][6]
  • Long Range Transmission: This includes sending and receiving data and messages across the vastness of space.[2][6]
  • Holographic Projection: This includes the ability to project a disguise over his entire body.[4]


  • The name Artie Zix is derived from the designation RT-Z9 as the Roman numeral for 9 is IX.[4][6]

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