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The Rigellian Recorders are a race of sentient robots created by the Rigellians with the purpose of exploring new territory and reporting back to the Rigellians. Recorders are also used by various cosmic entities such as Recorder 211, who lived at Uatu the Watcher's home in the Blue Area of the Moon.[1] He recorded the events of the death of the X-Man, Jean Grey, whilst she was possessed by the Phoenix Force.[2]

Recorder RT-Z9 worked for the Living Tribunal's Magistrati, including She-Hulk.[3]

Recorder 211 later accompanied the Asgardian hero Thor on a mission to the Black Galaxy to find Ego the Living Planet. The Recorder performed well gathering an unprecedented amount of rare data, including witnessing Thor's struggle against Mangog, that the Rigellian Grand Commissioner permitted it to retain its memories of the events rather then having them erased; it was arguing with the Asgardian that transcended his programming making him a sentient being.[4]

Recorder 211 was later captured by the High Evolutionary and reprogrammed and reconstructed as the Analyzer.[5]

Recorders also have a certain amount of legal authority among the Rigellians. When renegade commander Arcturus split his ships away from the main fleet, a Recorder tracked him and his followers to Earth's Moon, exposed the commander's crimes and had him arrested for several violations of Rigellian law.[6]



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