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Imperial Rigel was a polity of colonies that stretched across the stars.[1] Colonizer fleets were constantly monitoring the cosmos for any worlds that suited the needs of the Rigellians.[2] Within the Rigellian empire, existed a department called the "Division of Claims". When a Colonizer staked his or her interest in colonizing a world, they filed their claim with the department.[1]

An inspection team would then be dispatched to the world to assess their claim. Upon the inspectors' satisfaction, the Colonizer would declare his or her intent to the planet's inhabitants. As the Rigellians expected the world's inhabitants to resist their claim, a space lock would be moved to the planet's orbit, subjecting the natives to extreme weather events to pacify them.[1]

As warriors the Rigellians depended too much on their technology. Adam Warlock considered their offensive tactics to be basic, informed them that defensively they were pathetic, and that they lacked spirit. Rigellians had neither the brutal drive of a Skrull, the disciplined tenacity of a Kree, or the detached ruthlessness of a Shi'ar.[3]

Rigellian society had a mutant class, beings with deformed bodies and minds. They were underground dwellers, a sub-species that the Colonizers had created in gene-vats. It was a race descended from the survivors of a doomed experiment.[4]


The Rigellians originated from Rigel where through years became a highly advanced civilization.[5] As they sought to expand their species out in space, the Rigellians dispatched to various planets cosmoreceptors containing genetic materials in form of eggs and knowledge of their civilization to grow. This was before the invention of the faster than light speed travel, and through this method the Rigellians successfully took over numerous planets throughout the Edzar galaxy. One cosmoreceptor had arrived on Earth, but was damaged from cosmic rays, leaving vulnerable to further damage delivered by the early humans who killed the Rigellian eggs inside.[6] As their world, Rigel-3, began suffering from overpopulation, the Rigellians decided to relocate to other planets.[7] They managed to colonize many worlds throughout the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy, but in time they began colonizing only uninhibited planets to avoid confrontations.[8]

Threatened by the expansion of the Black Galaxy and Ego's attacks, they sought new worlds to colonize for when they would have to leave their home planet. A Rigellian colonizer, Tana Nile, tried to take control of Earth, but was not taken seriously by the authorities. Thor learned of the Rigellians' plan to take over Earth, and in order to prevent that helped the alien race with the threat posed by the Black Galaxy and Ego. As gratitude, the Rigellians withdrew from Earth, put Tana Nile in custody, and provided the Thunder God with a device to help locate Jane Foster after Tana had banished in a unknown part of space.[9]

Later, when the Black Stars set out for their home planet, Rigel-3, all Rigellians fled it in a desperate attempt to survive. Thor arrived and rescued the Rigellian mutants that had been left to die by the normal Rigellians. Not long after Rigel-3 had been fully evacuated, the Black Stars destroyed it.[4]

A Rigellian outpost R-76 was attacked by the Infinites's Servitors. The Rigellians sent a distress signal to call for help which was received by Quasar and the Avengers.[10]

Following the purge conducted by the then Majestor of the Shi'ar Empire, Vulcan, the Rigellians participated in the discussion to reform the Galactic Council, wanting to ensure that another purge wouldn't happen again.[11] A Rigellian vessel went to investigate the now closed Fault, but the crew was all killed by Doctor Dredd.[12]

When the corpse of Recorder 451 began emitting a frequency that gave Mandarin's Rings sentience, Iron Man contacted the Rigellians to take the body away from Earth.[13]

A separate empire from the Imperial Regel was formed by some Rigellians, but soon entered a war with the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda. Unfortunately for the new Rigellian Empire, the invading Wakandans easily won and took T'Chaka's Reach from them. This left the now-nomadic Rigellians wandering through the planetary ruins.[14]

The Rigellians made a deal with Doctor Doom, during Dormammu's attack. They provided Doom with one of their terraforming assistance platforms which he used to build countless Doombots to fight against the Mindless Ones on Chitauri Prime. As part of the deal, Doom would grant the Rigellians some favors in the future.[15]

Alternate Universes[]


The Rigellians merged with their Recorders, becoming a cybernetic race with increased height.[16]


A Rigellian witnessed witnessed the destruction caused by Michael Korvac, causing the Guardians of the Galaxy to go after him.[17]


The Rigellians were a telekinetic race that struggled to control their powers due to their emotions. To manage their powers, Rigellian children were forced to undergo a ritual known as the Centering which took away their emotions. This ritual faced opposition from a rebel group known as the Empathetics who wished to retain their emotions and use their powers as they wished.[18]


A Rigellian was a member of Nebula's crew.[19]


After most Earth was rendered a wasteland following the death of its heroes, the Rigellians sent a recorder to see if they could conquer it. The recorder rescued Doctor Doom from imprisonment and urged him to make a deal with the Rigellian Empire in order to facilitate their conquest of the planet.[20]


During the Galactic War, the Rigellians allied with Nova's Resistance, creating the Voxiplode to help with the war. Years after the war ended, the Rigellians presumably fell victims to the Universal Church of Truth's Promise before their defeat by the Guardians of the Galaxy.[21]

Moira VII.1[]

As Mister Sinister corrupted the Quiet Council of Krakoa, mutantkind left Earth in the following century and destroyed any interstellar competition. This included the Rigellians which joined forces with the Kree/Skrull Alliance, to fight the mutant threat but their forces proved to be not enough.[22]

Powers and Abilities


The Rigellians possessed psionic abilities which allowed them to influence and control other humanoids' minds, even overpowering the bodies of other humanoids to force them to do their biding. However, this power has a limit as those with strong minds, such as Thor, could withstand their control. The Rigellians can also mentally alter their physical density thereby granting themselves superhuman strength and durability, allowing to go toe to toe with an Asgardian.[1]


Most Rigellians possessed high intelligence.[23]



77% covered by water in a temperate climate


92% Earth standard


76% nitrogen, 22% oxygen


17.7 billion


Type of Government

Technocratic empire with officials chosen for their high intelligence quotient.[8] It was the Grand Commissioner who possessed ultimate authority in the Rigellian empire.[24] Missions undertook by Rigellians were overseen by Auditors.[12] Captains of vessels were given the title of Sub-Commissioners, and their crew were known as the Scansmen.[2] The lowest class were the deformed Rigellian Mutants who were byproducts of failed experiments, and were forced to dwell underground due to persecution.[4][7]

When planning to colonize a planet, Rigellian colonizers were to ask the Division of Claims for the rights to colonize it.[5] Inspectors would scan planets that were to be colonized, and once that was done colonizers would squash any resistance from the native population.[25]

Level of Technology

Highly advanced. The Rigellians created a variety of technologies which included: Wrist Computoscopes, Psyche-Search Gauges, telescopes, Proton Coagulant Rays, Gravity Nullifiers, Compeller Beams, Matter Transmitters and Space Locks.[25][26] They had at their disposal countless advanced ships of different varieties, including Space Cruisers, Sentry Ships and Sky-Stations, that could threaten entire civilizations.[25][27][28] The Rigellians were also experts in the field of robotics, having built Recorders, Explorers and Builders created by terraforming assistance platforms through consuming orbital resources such as asteroids filled with minerals.[15]

Cultural Traits

The Rigellians were for the most part, a race of emotionless and methodical beings who wished to expand their vast empire through learning, documenting and colonizing.[2] Though the Rigellians loved knowledge, they didn't think on its application, nor looked for patterns in the data.[29] Although very intelligent, most Rigellians often had bland personalities.[23] The reason they began colonizing planets was because of overpopulation and their dislike with living so close with each other.[7]

The Rigellian colonizers believed themselves to be superior to other races, being confident that they would always win in battles against other races. However, when met with beings who could overcome their psychic powers, the Rigellians would become fearful of them and try to examine them.[5] Otherwise, they were quite peaceful and avoided going against other empires.[8]


A language the Rigellians used was Rigellian Unlinear which was considered by some to be best used in discussing non-causal dynamics.[30]


The Rigellians began using the Sol, a new form of currency made out of Mysterium, after recognizing Planet Arakko as the capital of the Sol System.[31]


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