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Riko Nirasaki was part of Dr. Yui Sasaki research team. Their powers and those of Koichi Kaga were displayed and the two of them enrolled in the Yui Sasaki. The academy closed, but they stayed as assistants to assist her in her research and in the hope that they would be cured of her mutations.[1]

Sasaki both administered a virus that they believed would cure them. [2]

But in reality it accelerated the mutations although despite this they continued to inject themselves with the virus.

She, Koichi and Jun Sanada had a meeting and the Doctor later joined them. Sasaki gave Riko and Koichi an injection.[3]

Riko while in her room took more injections and transformed into a monster. Transformed into a scorpion-shaped monster, she attacked Sasaki. The X-Men defeated her and she returned to her normal appearance. Beast successfully administered drugs that stabilized his DNA.[1]

Beast form

After waking up he woke up Koichi and they both went to the basement where Beast told them what the injections did and that he had administered drugs to make them better. With Susuki and the X-Men they entered a secret room where Jun Sanada now Mastermind revealed that he had manipulated Susuki's son Takeo. At that moment Neuron arrived and killed the two assistants giving them a mortal shock.[4]

Powers and Abilities


In its scorpion form it could produce electrical lightning, shoot acid from its tail, and had wings that allowed it to fly.[1]


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