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The Ring Imperial is a ring worn by rulers of Asgard. By Odin's decree, "Whoever has the ring, let no one say them nay."

The "Odin Ring", as it's also known, takes a great toll upon some of its wearers. When Loki took possession of the ring, he became the undisputed ruler of Asgard. Perhaps boosted psychologically by the ring, the god of mischief was able to fight off the attacks of his brother Thor (even though Thor had always defeated him in the past). The Odin Ring caused Loki to become ill and age. In order to save himself, Loki cast the ring away to be retrieved by Odin. Odin noted that one must prove himself a "man" before he can successfully wield the ring, a feat the trickster Loki obviously had not not accomplished.[1]

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