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A pair of rings given to The Pride to decipher the the Abstract.


Originally two rings were given to The Pride by the Gibborim along with six copies of Abstract. The rings were designed to decipher the writings in the Abstract.[1][2][3]

One of the rings was lost in the future by Geoffrey Wilder, and came into the possession of Chase Stein.[3] The other ring was in possession of Catherine Wilder,[3] but at some point it was given to Leslie Dean.[1][4]

When The Pride's kids learned the truth about their parents, Alex Wilder was able to steal the ring from Mrs. Dean.[4] Alex successfully used the ring to decode parts of the Abstract and learned about the origins of The Pride.[2] This ring was destroyed when Alex was killed by the Gibborim.[5]


* Translation: With practice and determination, the rings can be used to decode and decipher the writings in the Abstract.[1][2][3]


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