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Becoming Ringer

After Anthony Davis was killed by Scourge, his gear was sold to the Hobgoblin, possibly by his wife Leila, Kingsley sold the gear to an unnamed criminal.

Goblin War

Ringer was present during a battle between Hobgoblin's forces and the Goblin Underground. He, along with every other Hobgoblin franchise, joined Team Goblin when Green Goblin apparently killed Hobgoblin, really Kingsley's butler Claude.[1]

Black Cat's Gang

The Ringer was one of the numerous villains who joined Black Cat's gang after she took the Eel's operations.[2]

After being in debt with the Spot, for breaking him out of prison, and the Tinkerer, for providing him with tech, the Ringer tried to steal from the Black Cat. He was caught, taken to the back room of Slide-A-Way Casino (Black Cat's base of operations), and confronted by her boss. After a failed attempt at escaping, he was beaten up by the Melter and Killer Shrike. Black Cat also demanded him to earn triple the usual profit, and stated he planned to use him for another valuable purpose.[3]



Seemingly those of Anthony Davis.



Seemingly those of Anthony Davis.


  • It is unknown if Keith Kraft is still active as Ringer.


  • The Ringer had worked together with the Black Cat on a few jobs before joining her gang.[3]

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