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Quote1 Although the darkness may come from all sides, the can have many facets too! And through the spell of the Crystal of Vyhagh Ar, we shall see--That the true light has a thousand arrows in its defense! Quote2


Early Life[]

Rintrah is an intelligent being from the extradimensional planet of R'Vaal. His people the R'Vaalians resemble a green-skinned minotaur of Greek myth. Rintrah's magical potential somehow brought him to the attention of Enitharmon the Weaver, an other-dimensional sorcerer and took Rintrah in and began training him as an apprentice.[1]

Meeting Doctor Strange[]

Rintrah (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Dr

Rintrah first encountered Earth-616's Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange when Strange asked Enitharmon to repair his Cloak of Levitation, which had been torn in a battle against the Khats.[2] After he repaired the Cloak, Enitharmon told Rintrah to return the Cloak to Strange.[1] Rintrah found Strange just after the sorcerer's physical body had been badly wounded in a battle with a demon sent by Urthona, an alien mystic from Strange's own dimension. Mortally injured, Strange had been forced to release his astral form and take possession of the bodies of two of his friends, Morgana Blessing and Sara Wolfe. While in these two other forms, Strange was just able to beat Urthona's demon. During the battle, Urthona transported Strange's house, and everything inside it, to his home planet. Rintrah found Strange just after intense surgery was performed to save Strange's physical body. Still inside Sara Wolfe's body, Strange's astral spirit asked Rintrah to allow him to project his spirit into Rintrah's body. Rintrah agreed, allowing both Strange's and Rintrah's consciousness to inhabit one body at the same time. Rintrah's shared body then took Strange's healing body and borrowed a spaceship from Reed Richards. They traveled to Urthona's home planet and confronted the alien wizard. During the battle, it appeared as if Strange had destroyed his magical books and mystical talismans. In actuality, the books and talismans were saved by the magical entity Agamotto, one of the Vishanti. Agamotto later returned the unharmed items to Doctor Strange. Strange and Rintrah were able to beat Urthona, and free his captives, Wong and Topaz. They then returned to Earth.[3]

Living at the Sanctum Sanctorum[]

Rintrah remained with Doctor Strange and accompanied him back to Earth-616.[4] Rintrah hoped to serve the Sorcerer Supreme but he refused, but was able to aid him in a battle against a Water Elemental[5] and the Khats.[6] As Earth was invaded by a number of evil entities from beyond, Doctor Strange was forced to turn to black magic to help defeat them. During this time, Strange allied himself with the black magician Kaluu.[7] Rintrah studied at Kamar-Taj while Strange was away, but after defeating the dark forces, Strange attained godhood and slowly became detached from humanity. Kaluu, Enitharmon, and Rintrah were able to return Strange to his old self.[8] Rintrah then returned with Enitharmon to his dimension.[9]

Sorcerers Apprentice[]

Eventually, Rintrah returned to Earth-616 and asked Strange to accept him as an apprentice. Strange agreed and Rintrah lived with Strange in his home in Greenwich Village.[10] While living at the Sanctum he was made to complete chores like any of the students of Kamar Taj. While taking out the trash he tried to practice a spell on a pile of garbage bringing it to life creating a monster. They were then forced to battle the creature and reverse the spell.[11]

Rintrah encountered the other member of the Defenders when Namor came to the Sanctum looking for the help of Doctor Strange. Rintrah mistook him for Spock after watching the show on TV, he was about to attack but was stopped by Wong who revealed he was Strange's new apprentice. He came for help as Hulk had been possessed by Shanzar.[12] Rintrah was able to use his great strength to knock the possessed Hulk out before he could hurt anyone else, allowing Strange the time to free him from Shanzar's control.[12]

A small fragment of Zom remained imprisoned inside the jar at the Sanctum Sanctorum shattered the Amphora. A remnant of Zom's evil essence, the Zomling, was released. Rintrah was sent to hunt for him while Strange tried to create a spell to bind him once again. The Zomling discovered the Faeries who inhabit the sanctum, and managed to capture the Faery Queen. Rintrah found it and attacked it before it could consume the queen, but Rintrah's magical attack only made it all the more powerful. However, Strange then arrived, and knowing that the Zomling fed on magical energy, and it was composed mostly of energy, but also of the dust it had consumed in the process; Strange used a vacuum cleaner to suck up and entrap the Zomling and place it back in the repaired Amphora.[13] He then came to the rescue of Strange after he was left exhausted after a battled with Dormammu. He was surrounded by reporters asking questions and taking photos. Rintrah took Strange form and distracted the crowd long enough for his master to escape.[14]

Rintrah had to stop the Impossible Man during his vacation when he chased Ralf the Impossible Dog into the Sanctum. They were able to kick him out after causing chaos throughout the building.[15] Rintrah also accompanied Doctor Strange to England to help Excalibur stop Meggan the partner of Captain Britain who had been changed into a monster. [16]

Rintrah helped Doctor Strange search for a cure for Topaz, one of Doctor Strange's other allies who had been possessed by an ancient demon of Sumer. The spell to banish the demon required a number of unique ingredients. One such ingredient was the flame from a demon's head. The search for the demonic fire led Strange and Rintrah to the newest version of the Ghost Rider.[17] They then battled the mysterious villain known as Zodiak, who was apparently backed by mystical masters from another dimension. During the battle, the heroes were able to drive back Zodiak, plus gain a piece of flame from a demon from Zodiak's home dimension.[18] During the battle, Rintrah disguised himself to look like Topaz, and he made Topaz look like him. Rintrah chivalrously insisted on doing this, hoping to protect Topaz. Rintrah subsequently took a mortal blow intended for Topaz from the mad Zodiak.[19] Doctor Strange and Topaz returned to Strange's home with the wounded Rintrah, where Strange promptly used a spell to remove any taint of black magic from Rintrah's grievous wound. Strange then used his earthly medical abilities to operate on the wounded Rintrah. Luckily Rintrah recovered, but he remained weak from his recent brush with death.[20]

Infinity Gauntlet[]

Rintrah took the form of James Dean to go shopping with Imei Chang. However on his return he assisted his master when the Silver Surfer crashed on to Earth. He was told to remain as he was not ready for such a mission.[21] While his master was away he felt lost and one evening whilst out getting beer he scared a policeman as he did not have up his illusion. He however was shocked to find his master had returned and was performing a summoning spell to bring Doctor Doom to them. He was saddened once again when his master told him to remain as they went on their mission.[22] Annoyed and taunted by Pip the Troll, he tried to help and used his magic to go back in time to rescue Drax and Firelord who were trapped in the Jurassic Period. When Strange also arrived and was rough on his disciple for trying to rescue his friends.[23] On his return to the Sanctum they had a party and celebrated Wong's engagement to Imei, however Pip arrived with Gamora and they took off with Doctor Strange again to battle Adam Warlock.[24]

In a brief interlude from dealing with the Infinity Saga, he helped his master stop Nightmare and the Fear Lords.[25] During the battle the Lurking Unknown attacked the Straw Man, setting him on fire. But he, Kkallakku, and Nox were defeated by the combined efforts of Doctor Strange, Clea, and Rintrah.[26]

The Infinity Saga, came back into his life once again as he assisted his master when Galactus came calling on the Sorcerer Supreme, and commanded him to accompany him to discover why Eternity is in a trance in deep space. He however was left behind much to his protest.[27] Rintrah tried to use his magic to find his master but failed.[27] Rintrah tried to help Strange when he fell catatonic when his astral form was taken by Epoch entity and says he must lead the forces against Thanos and the recovery of the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet.[28] His master left with the other heroes wishing them luck in their crusade.[29] The battle with Thanos was a failure and they returned to the Sanctum to be greeted by Rintrah.[30] He later met Iron Man when he brought Gamora to the Sanctum for safety, he was not impressed with his attitude.[31]

Graduation to Sorcerer[]

While practising his illusion spell that allowed him to pass as human he realised he was not able to do two things at once. Doctor Strange tried to teach him a lesson about humanity using Shakespeare. However on a visit to a play at Central Park he saved a man from falling but by using his powers revealing his true form. The crowd was shocked but he was able to spout some Shakespearean verse allowing him to escape while they thought it was part of the show.[32] Rintrah studied the foes of his master in preparation of taking his mantle one day. Though he was overloaded with evil he was able to overcome and Doctor Strange rewarded him as his true successor. He was presented with his own Cloak of Levitation and the Amulet of Agamotto and went out into the world to practice his newly honed skills.[33] He later scared Spider-Man who visited the Sanctum, believing him to be a demon. He greeted Spidey, telling him it was an honor to meet him.[34] Rintrah scared Major Victory when he served him tea, believing him to be a demon when they visited the Sanctum.[35] Pip the Troll teleported Gamora to the Sanctum by mistake surprising Rintrah before leaving immediately.[36]

Leaving Doctor Strange[]

While in disguise, Rintrah encountered Calyxis' agents who gave a pamphlet and he grew suspicious and wanted to learn more about the church. While spying on them, he witnessed them attempt to summon Tartessus, but Rintrah disrupted the spell, scaring off the congregation. However the spell was a success and Tartessus reached through the portal and grabbed Rintrah. When they read his mind they learned the truth and his connection to the Sorcerer Supreme and hoped to lore him as a more suitable sacrifice. When he arrived he was attacked by the Demon, but Rintrah was able to get free and pulled the Talisman of Tartessus from her hands allowing Rintrah to enter Tartessus' realm. Rintrah struck Tartessus with a bolt of mystical energy , causing her to release his master. As Rintrah picked up Strange and tossed him through the portal then crushed the Talisman with his sheer strength. When Rintrah smashed the Talisman, a large burst of energy struck him in the chest and draining his life energy.[37] Strange placed him safety in another dimension to avoid dying.[38]

Strange Academy[]

Alive and well Rintrah's became an Adjunct professor at the Strange Academy. He taught Math-1, a project-based course in which students explore fundamental principles of algebra and geometry to craft in mystical disguise. (Area of space displaced by magic proportionate to real mass compression, charisma trajectories, credibility decay and so on.)[39]


Power Grid[42]
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  • R'Vaalian Physiology: Due to his alien physiology, Rintrah possesses superhuman strength and endurance, particularly in the muscles of his legs. His horns and hooves can be used as weapons, although he prefers not to use them as such.[40]
    • Superhuman Strength: Rintrah is superhumanly strong and can lift 10 tons.[40]
    • Superhuman Durability[40]
  • Sorcery: Rintrah is a moderately powerful magic user. He has the potential to someday become as powerful as Doctor Strange and Enitharmon the Weaver. The full repertoire of spells remains unknown, but he has exhibited such effects as dimensional travel, projecting his astral form, firing bolts of mystical energy, and erecting shields of mystical force.[40]
    • Weaver Magic: he is able to mystically see the "Strings of Fate" that float around all living beings. Thanks to his teacher Enitharmon the Weaver, Rintrah could instantly learn the entire history of anything just by touching one of these strings. He would often exclaim "By the Veil and Weft of the Woven World!" This kind of magic was unknown to Doctor Strange.[40]
    • Illusionary Shapeshifting: Rintrah is able to alter his appearance to resemble humans while on Earth. He took pleasure in taking the form of actors and other popular entertainers he saw on Television.[40] One of his favorite forms was the movie star Humphrey Bogart.[15][37]


  • Genius Intelligence: like his master Doctor Strange, Rintrah has a vast intellect and the capacity to learn thing quickly. He picked up many spell and processes a lot quicker then his human counterparts. He is an expert mathematician with knowledge in principles of algebra and geometry.[39]


  • True Form on Earth: Although he was skilled at illusion he would often forget to cast the spell to hide his true appearance frightening the locals of Earth.[40]




  • The names of Urthona, Rintrah and Enitharmon's names appeared in the works of William Blake. Though Blake's relation to those beings is unrevealed, it is unlikely that it was mere coincidence.[40]
  • In William Blake's mythology Rintrah represents the prophet's just wrath and revolution (revolutionary wrath); he first appeared in "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" and is mentioned throughout Blake's prophetic books. In "The Visions of the Daughters of Albion" he is the brother of Palamabron (pity), Bromion (scientific thought) and Theotormon (both jealousy and desire).

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