Rio lived on Brooklyn with her family. During Norman Osborn's re-election campaign, she and her son Miles Morales attended a ceremony in New York City Hall in which her husband Jefferson would be honored for his heroic deeds by helping Spider-Man against the Demons. However, During the event, the Demons attacked, killing dozens of people. After making sure Miles was safe, Rio went on through the chaos trying to find Jefferson, but ended up getting pinned on rubble. After being saved by Miles and a paramedic, she was rescued, being escorted away with other civilians from the site. She became devastated after discovering her husband's demise on the hands of the Demons. Later, she is seen on Jefferson's funeral talking to Peter and Mary Jane about Miles state of mind, stating that she doesn't know what she is going to do with him, now that his father is dead.

Later, following the advice of Peter, she directs Miles to work at F.E.A.S.T., as a form to help him cope with the loss he just went through.

She is seen again helping Miles and Morgan Michaels distribute the vaccine against the Devil's Breath, and posteriorly attending to May Parker's funeral.[1]

Rio is shown to be a caring mother, always caring for the safety of her son Miles.

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