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Rio Morales[src]


Early Life

Not much is known about Rio's early life, except for the fact that she grew up in Harlem on her mother's apartment, and that at some point she moved to Brooklyn where she met and married Police Officer Jefferson Davis, with whom she had her only son, Miles Morales.

City at War

Rio lived on Brooklyn with her family. During Norman Osborn's re-election campaign, she and her son Miles attended a ceremony in New York City Hall in which her husband Jefferson would be honored for his heroic deeds by helping Spider-Man against the Demons. However, During the event, the Demons attacked, killing dozens of people. After making sure Miles was safe, Rio went on through the chaos trying to find Jefferson, but ended up getting pinned on rubble. After being saved by Miles and a paramedic, she was rescued, being escorted away with other civilians from the site. She became devastated after discovering her husband's demise on the hands of the Demons. Later, she is seen on Jefferson's funeral talking to Peter and Mary Jane about Miles state of mind, stating that she doesn't know what she is going to do with him, now that his father is dead.

Later, following the advice of Peter, she directs Miles to work at F.E.A.S.T., as a form to help him cope with the loss he just went through.

She is seen again helping Miles and Morgan Michaels distribute the vaccine against the Devil's Breath, and posteriorly attending to May Parker's funeral.[2]

Roxxon and The Underground

Around a year after the Devil's Breath crisis, Rio and Miles moved back to Harlem to her mother's apartment. She decided to take a step into the world of politics trying to elect herself as councilwoman when she witnessed as Roxxon Corporation demolished an entire historical section of Harlem to build a Plaza complex. She held an election Rally where she criticized Roxxon, but the rally was suddenly interrupted when the Tinkerer and the Underground showed up, starting a confrontation between them and Roxxon. Rio was safely escorted away by Ganke Lee while Spider-Man stepped in to stop the fight.

Rio later accidentaly discovers her son's secret identity as Spider-Man when Miles shows up wounded after a confrontation against the Tinkerer. Rio initially reacts with worry, but later learns to accept her son's role on protecting Harlem against Roxxon. She later organizes an emergency evacuation of Harlem when the NuForm reactor at the Roxxon Plaza becaomes instable, threatening to blow up the entire neighborhood, and is also present to help Miles escape from public view after he drained the reactor. She later was elected for city council.[1]


Rio is shown to be a caring mother, always caring for the safety of her son Miles. She is also shown to be a very fierce woman, standing up against Roxxon during her election rally on Harlem.


  • Rio had social network account named RioForCityCouncil.[1]
  • Rio's address was 151211 123rd Street Apt #12B, New York, NY 101880.[1]
  • Rio is forty-two years old.[1]

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