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Real Name
Rio Morales

Gloria Morales (mother);
Unnamed father-in-law;[1]
Jefferson Morales (husband);
Aaron Davis (brother-in-law);
Miles Morales (son);

Billie Morales (daughter)
Base of Operations
Living Status
Marital Status


Place of Birth
New York
Creators and Appearances
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Rio Morales


Rio Morales was the mother of the second Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Unlike her husband, Jefferson, she was in favor of the new Spider-Man and super-heroes. Like her husband, Rio wanted the best for her son and hoped that his experience at Brooklyn Visions Academy would aid his future.[2]

Tragically, Rio was accidentally shot fatally by police who were trying to kill the new Venom. As she bled out, Miles as Spider-Man cradled her in his arms. With her last words, she told Miles never to reveal his identity to Jefferson. Her death caused Miles to give up being Spider-Man for over a year.[3]

Following the destruction and rebirth of the Multiverse, Miles found himself relocated to a different reality than his own, with much of his life having been transplanted to this reality, including a revived Rio Morales.[4] It is assumed that this was the work of the Molecule Man, as an act of gratitude towards Miles for giving him a hamburger in Battleworld, the intermission between the death and ensuing revival of all of reality.[5][6] In Miles' new world, Rio was completely unaware of Miles identity as Spider-Man, unlike Jefferson.[7] She eventually learned the truth sometime later, and struggled to come to terms with it.[8]

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