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Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil, South America.


When Black Bolt confronted Thanos in hopes of preventing the Mad Titan's invasion of Earth in the search of his son, he unleashed a powerful attack that triggered a Terrigen Bomb and destroyed Attilan in the process.[2] The resultant Terrigen Cloud released in New York City began to circumvent the globe, striking Rio de Janeiro and transforming Humans of Inhuman descent. Black Bolt later stopped a band of mercenaries hired by the Ennilux corporation from exploiting these individuals.[3]

Alternate Universe Versions[]

Humorverse (Earth-9047)[]

On Earth-9047, Professor Emeritus tried to escape to Rio when the test subject of his experiment, Loganberry the ultimate weapon and ultimate animal, broke free and attacked the scientists. Emeritus eventually decided to settle for the laboratory's protective core because it was nearer than Rio.[4]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

Bruce Banner worked in a soft drink bottling factory in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while attempting to find a cure for his condition. After suffering a cut, and his blood finds its way into a soda bottle eventually drank by an ill-fated consumer, Ross discovers Banner's location, and sends a team to capture him, led by the Russian-born British special operations expert Emil Blonsky. Following a ferocious battle in the soft drink bottling plant where he transforms into the Hulk, Banner escapes Blonsky, and ends up in Guatemala.[5]

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