Quote1.png My name is Riot and I am the Symbiote World's sworn protector. It's me against the world. Quote2.png
-- Riot src


Symbiote Dimensions

Riot was recruited in its sister's Scream's Symbiote army, possessing Trevor Cole. He was hit with Superior Spider-Man's Anti-Symbiote Ray, it gave Cole control of his body back.

Planet of the Symbiotes

Riot was among the symbiotes deported back to Klyntar and locked away in the Symbiote Prison. After escaping he rejoined The Symbiotes, but left to explore a career with the Symbiote Science Institute; however, he joined The Pacifists to fight back against The Symbiotes for harassing him.

Ancient Venom

Possessed by Knull

Knull confronted Riot and offered him unlimited power. He initially hesitated, but eventually came around. After learning that Knull had also offered his power to Carnage; however, Riot tried to sever ties with Knull, but it was too late. Knull took possession of Riot's body and used it to take over Klyntar. Luckily, he was freed by Queen Cat and Scorn.[1]


Seemingly those of the Riot Symbiote of Earth-616.

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