After months of arguments and disagreements with his wife, Tess, Riot's next host was greatly angered one day to find she was leaving, and taking their children, Sadie and Billy with her.[1]

During an argument with Tess regarding this, a strange dog entered the house and briefly watched the argument before a mysterious influence caused the dog's symbiote, Hybrid to split into four and begin violently bonding to the family. He was the first to fall, bonding to the Riot symbiote.[1]

The family, with new purpose, drove to New York;[1] and were sent by Carnage to hunt down Normie Osborn for his codex. Tracking him to Rex Strickland's warehouse in Manhattan, the symbiotes encountered resistance from The Maker, but Riot was able to wrench weapons from his arms for Agony to melt.[2] However, they were all separated from the symbiotes and kept in test tubes by the Maker, who started to use his machine on Sadie's father to extract his codex, which caused him inmense pain, until Maker bonded to Hybrid.[3]


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