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Ripley Weaver was a member of the Guillermos family of Venezuela. Being a Shadow, he was actually centuries old and his true nationality is unknown. Ripley was part of the Order of St. George for a time, Shadows dedicated to the destruction of the eldest and most powerful of Shadows, often called simply the Old One. The Order chose to empower a single Knight with Shadow-tempered armor at a time in their feud with the Old One. Ripley eventually left the Order because he believed they weren't proactive enough.

Ripley "the Ripper" Weaver became a masked wrestler in modern times. He took in his nephew Victor after his brother's family were massacred in Venezuela by the Ravenscore clan.

The Old One eventually broken the ancient code of the Shadows by going public with his existence, albeit as a masked super-hero called "Doctor Zero". At a gathering of Shadows, Ripley championed the idea of creating their own heroes as a counter to Doctor Zero. He cautioned that Zero would eventually turn on humanity, and they would discover the existence of all Shadows. With Doctor Zero as their only reference, the fate of the Shadow people would be sealed. The Ravenscores and other Shadows at the meeting dismissed Ripley's ideas, and he ended up in a fight with Eric Ravenscore that cost him his left hand. Ripley and Victor were assisted by Lenore Castle and escaped from the Ravenscores' men.

Powers and Abilities


Can turn his skin to metal. Also has the normal abilities shared by all shadows, including an enhanced lifespan. By turning his hands to metal, he has slightly enhanced strength, and can can utilize his hand, straightened out, as a blade.



Formerly utilized an unmarked van.


His given name is a reference to the Alien franchise heroine Ellen Ripley, while his surname is a reference to the actress who played her in the movies, Sigourney Weaver.

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