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En Sabah Nur

Appearing in "Blood of the Father"

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Synopsis for "Blood of the Father"

Part 2 of 4. Ozymandias manages to crawl forth from last issue's cave-in, driven by his desire to reclaim the kingdom from Rama-Tut. Below the surface, in a section of Rama-Tut’s buried time-ship which also suffered collapse due to the cave-in, Baal emerges from the wreckage, to find that En Sabah Nur has been gravely wounded by an enormous piece of rock that has fallen on his chest. Baal fears they will be trapped until death, but En Sabah Nur claims to have received visions from the artifact he held (the Eye of the Ages) and resolves to overthrow Rama-Tut and rule the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Ozymandias receives a conqueror’s welcome for destroying the Sandstormers, though Rama-Tut considers the mission a failure since he did not return with the boy. Rama-Tut announces his intention to take Ozymandias’s sister Nephri as his bride; Ozymandias secretly believe this will work to his own advantage. Below ground, Baal and Sabah Nur wander for weeks through underground passages. Sabah Nur smashes a wall, revealing the underlying machinery of the time-ship. Baal tells his son the whole story of his discovery of Rama-Tut and the ship, two decades earlier, and of Rama-Tut’s subsequent rise to power. Rama-Tut had returned as pharaoh and demanded to know the location of the part of his ship in which he had been discovered and of the Eye of Ages, but Baal kept the information from him.

Above ground, Ozymandias ruthlessly lashes and even murders the slaves who help build the pyramids, while Nephri sees how her brother has been corrupted by his desire for power. Underground in the desert, Baal weakens and eventually dies of his injuries. leaving Sabah Nur alone and ready to embrace his destiny as a conqueror. When he finally manages to smash through to the surface, he is met by the pharaoh’s vizier Logos, who decides to keep his existence secret by disguising him as a common slave.

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