Quote1 Defy me, and you and all that you cherish will be destroyed. Quote2
-- Rama-Tut

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Synopsis for "Face of the Gods"

Part 3 of 4. En Sabah Nur labors as a slave on the construction of the pyramids, but his superhuman strength draws the attention of the other slaves. While contemplating his plans to seize power in Egypt, he is abruptly whipped and thrown off of the steep pyramid by Ozymandias. Rather than die however he receives a vision from Isis and rises into the sky, transfigured by light.

Horrified and threatened by this apparition, Ozymandias orders his execution, but before this can happen, he and his army see that the pharaoh’s day-camp has been set ablaze, and they rush to give assistance. The disturbance at the pharaoh’s court is due to the arrival of the Fantastic Four (and thus we see the events of FF #19 from several different perspectives). The vizier Logos is awed and troubled by the strange visitors, and Rama-Tut himself is surprised by their arrival since “no record exists of this twentieth-century quartet ever appearing in ancient Egypt.” He sends Logos away to converse with them privately, and easily subdues the FF, claiming Sue Storm as his bride. Ozymandias has Logos imprisoned in preparation of his own revolt.

Meanwhile, En Sabah Nur, weakened after his vision and transfiguration, is secreted inside the main pyramid by Nephri, who hopes he can restore “the old religion, the old bloodlines.” She attempts to remove the bandages enwrapping his face but he recoils from her, and demands she escort him to the Sphinx. Back at the Pharaoh’s court, Rama-Tut demands to know where En Sabah Nur has gone, and suspects Logos of hiding him. As En Sabah Nur and Nephri approach the Sphinx, which is actuality the major part of Rama-Tut’s time-ship, they discover Logos crucified and Ozymandias waiting for them.

The next morning, Logos and Nephri are tied to stakes to be killed, while En Sabah Nur is presented by Rama-Tut as his successor. Rama-Tut unveils his face, knowing that Nephri’s disgust will help turn the boy to his side. Logos implores him to reject Rama-Tut and is murdered by Ozymandias. Outraged, Sabah Nur attacks Rama-Tut only to be incapacitated by his “Ultra-Diode Ray.” He orders his guards to kill and dismember the boy as he prepares for his wedding with Sue Storm.

Solicit Synopsis

The origin of Apocalypse continues, and a certain fabulous foursome may just be instrumental in his coming to power!

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