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Quote1.png I'll remake this world in my image -- just as I'll remake you! As you sought to make me bow to you -- you shall be my slave -- for all the days of your life! Quote2.png
En Sabah Nur

Appearing in "First Culling"

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Synopsis for "First Culling"

Part 4 of 4. Having somehow escaped after last issue’s cliffhanger, En Sabah Nur has disappeared. In order to draw him out, Ozymandias chains up Nephri within the asp-infested necropolis called the Vault of the Dead. She chastises her brother for his vainglory, but he leaves her to die among the asps.

As the snakes threatened to bite her, En Sabah Nur emerges from among the corpses to save her. He tears apart an enormously large serpent that tries to crush his entire body in its coils, but just as he frees Nephri from the chains, a spear is thrust through his shoulder and Ozymandias’s men attack. En Sabah Nur surges with power, growing larger and naming himself, for the time, Apocalypse. Terrified by his new form, Nephri retreats to the shelter of her brother Ozymandias, from whom En Sabah Nur sought to save her. This betrayal causes Nur to turn his back on all of humanity.

He charges towards the Sphinx to learn its secrets, followed at a safe distance by Ozymandias, who also hopes to claim its secret powers. Apocalypse, however, confronts him and transmogrifies Ozymandias into his deathless servant, destined to reside inside the Sphinx and carve Apocalypse’s origin on its walls. Outside the Sphinx, Rama-Tut has been defeated by the Fantastic Four and flees back to the future in his smaller time-capsule. The Sphinx explodes, and though the FF assume that Rama-Tut was responsible, it was in fact Apocalypse, who emerges from the devastating blast and marches into the desert wastes. Fifty years later he returns to taunt Nephri and witness her death. He smiles as a storm rises around him.

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