Ristie was part of the fashion show to end all fashion shows at the exclusive ocean front Château de Shae Hotel to benefit the Children's Charity Group. All models in this show, dubbed 'Women of Power', were famous for hitting their stride in challenging careers. In Ristie's case, being a computer C.E.O. To reflect her background, Ristie first appeared in the show wearing a skimpy outfit described as the 'latest in cyber-café sportswear'. Later, she modelled a red swimsuit that was described as made for 'those sultry summer days aboard a space probe orbiting the sun'.

When the show came to an abrupt halt thanks to the unexpected arrival of the Gamma Warriors, Ristie and fellow models Mariah and Jade were backstage and didn't get knocked out by the Gamma Warrior's sleeping gas. They were soon joined by the two last members of the fashion show, She-Hulk and Gamma energy scientist Betty Ross. All five of them escaped into the laundry shute before they could be spotted by Gargoyle and Ogress, who were after them.

Down in the chute, Ristie used her knowledge of computers to tap into the building's surveilance system. Learning that The Hulk had been knocked out and captured, She-Hulk vowed to rescue him, and Jade, Mariah and Ristie immediately chimed in to offer their help. Together with Betty Ross, they dubbed themselves the Fashion Warriors and came up with a battle cry on the spot: "Rage on, Fashion Warriors!"

Still wearing her 'space probe' swimsuit, Ristie programmed a self destructive command into the system of a one of the Leader's Drones that was taken out by Jade. The command was automatically transmitted to every drone in the building, causing them to lose power and explode. The Fashion Warriors chased the Leader and his Gamma Warriors up to the roof of the Château de Shae but had to watch them escape in order to save the hostage below from a bomb the Leader left behind.

Afterwards, the press were eager to interview Ristie and her fellow Fashion Warriors, causing She-Hulk to jokingly promise a tell-all book Fashion Warrios kick Monster Butt.[1]


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