Ristorante Laytonia was one of the most classy restaurants in Rome, Italy. It was favored by criminal tycoon Justin Hammer.[1]

When Anthony Stark decided to buy Electronica Fabrizzi, one of Hammer's Italian companies, Hammer arranged a business meeting with Stark at Laytonia. Stark, who disliked Hammer, agreed only to talk but he left before the waiter could ask for the dinner. Stark, being a recovering alcoholic, also refused to have a drink.[1]


"Ristorante Laytonia" is obviously a reference to long-time Iron Man creator Bob Layton.


  • The maître calls Stark "Sẽnor Stark" but the Italian correct manner of address would be "Signore Stark". "Señor" is in Spanish, and even then the tilde is not on the "e".

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