Near the River Nezvaya, Conan served as a mercenary for the mighty host of King Yildiz and fought a five-hour long battle against the iron shod legions of Munthassem Khan, a rebellious satrap of northern Turan, until the Turanians were attacked by a storm of Devil-Beasts of Nergal, and Conan survived only by virtue of his seemingly harmless amulet, which frightened the creatures away. Conan was the only survivor of the battle, and he stumbled away, coming across an unconscious girl towards the reed-grown banks of the river. When she awoke, she revealed she was in fact looking for him, sent by her master Atalis the Far-Seeing. The Cimmerian eventually agree to accompany the girl, named Hildico, back to his master in Yaralet.[1]

Many years later, Conan and his Kezankian allies crossed the River Nezvaya, taking advantage of both darkness and thick reeds, heading toward Yaralet.[2]


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