Road of Kings
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Road of Kings[1][2][3][4]
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Poitain (Aquilonia)
Messantia , Venzia (Argos); Culario, Elymia; Tarantia (Aquilonia); Numalia (Nemedia); Atilleos, Polopponi (Corinthia)
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The Road of Kings was a road in the Hyborian Age starting in Messantia, in Argos, and passing through Aquilonia, Nemedia, Corinthia, Zamora, Khauran, and finally Turan.[1]



It was said that the road of Kings was built by giants at an era when Earth was young.
Some people, including Conan of Cimmeria and Natari, daughter of Karanthes, disbelieved that account.[6]

Hyborian Age

King Vilerus I of Aquilonia had a great bridge, part of the Road of Kings, to be built up upon the River Khorotas.[7]

Age of Conan

...[8] ...[9]

Conan walked the Road of Kings as a slayer and a reaver.[5] He notably used it to wander esast, into Turan.[10]

Red Sonja also traveled the Road of Kings. Once, she crossed paths with a caravan and was approached by a young girl, Gerta. She presented herself as a soldier, but Gerta's mother came and grabbed her away, in fear of Red Sonja whom she believed to a mercenary.[11] ...[12]

When he led an insurrection against King Numedides of Aquilonia, Conan established camps in Argos along the Road of Kings while marching towards Aquilonia and its westernmost province Poitain. Thulandra Thuu used it to go west, to Poitain, and crossed the great bridge over the Khoratas.[7]

A few months after claiming the throne of Aquilonia, King Conan was informed that the Road of Kings was in need of repairs along an unspecificed section.[13]


The Road of Kings was a road in the Hyborian Age leading from Messantia, in Argos.[2][1] It also passed by the seaport of Venzia, then went east went east, crossing the Didymian Hills, the roots of the Astarr river and Saxula Pass.

Crossing the fords of the Alimane River, into Poitain, Aquilonia. The road kept east, passing in Culario, through Brocellian Forest and the Giant's Notch of the Imirian Escarpmenst, leaving Poitain and going north, passed in Elymia, crosssed the Khorotas River over the Great Bridge, then followed it north-east, passing through the capital Tarantia.[7] It eventually crossed Numalia, the second major center of Nemedia and where the Road of Kings met with another major caravan highway,[3] Corinthia's countryside (the country was never one of its major stops)[4] passed off Atilleos,[9] and by King Kerbogha's city-state of Polopponi,[8] Zamora, Khauran, and finally Turan.[1]

On some section along the road were giant broken statues of human or human-like figures.[6]

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