Quote1 Of course it was a ruse, Mom, but that doesn't matter... because the result was peace. Who cares how it came to pass? Quote2
-- "Ivy Warner"

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The build-up to Marvel’s massive event series of the spring begins here—but in actuality, it began a millennia ago, with a challenge on the moon! In the wake of INCOMING, everything has changed for the Kree and the Skrulls. And out in the cold on Earth, the Warner family (MEET THE SKRULLS) need to work out what has happened and what it means for the future of their family and their race! And that means educating their kids on just how the Kree and the Skrulls first went to war!


Continuity Notes

  • Just like in Avengers #133, some Kree are drawn with pink skin, even though the pink-skinned Kree wouldn't appear until much later after the Kree stopped evolving.[1] This is not a continuity error, but part of an ongoing retcon. The ancient Kree from Avengers #133-134 were supposed to all be blue-skinned, but ended up with pink skins because the colorist for those issues made a mistake.[2] A month later, those same ancient Kree were properly depicted with blue skin in Captain Marvel #38, the issue which established that the pink-skinned Kree were the result of interbreeding between the blue-skinned Kree and genetically-compatible alien races. Royals #5 later revealed that the primitive Kree had been experimented upon by an alien race known as the Progenitors and History of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 #1 then revealed that it was these experiments which had actually created the pink-skinned Kree; however, that story also claimed that the Skrulls had only dealt with the pink-skinned Kree and the story in this issue retcons that idea slightly by showing that all ancient Kree lived together and there were both Blue and Pink Kree among the seventeen who built the Blue City on Earth's Moon.

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