Quote1 'Tricked?' No, man, not exactly. It's more like...the Skrulls figured out that you can't just change have to change the whole narrative. Quote2
-- Dice src

Rob Fortune, aka Dice is a former surfer and most light-hearted member of the Skrull Kill Krew. Dice is one of the victims of the Skrull-turned-cow-turned-hamburger transformation known as Skrullovoria Induced Skrullophobia. Rob Fortune is also nicknamed "Cowboy" from Ryder, which he's not particularly fond of. Dice was surfer dude in LA. He was out surfing when he wiped out, and then found he could somehow grow gills and breathe underwater. His girlfriend, Tobi Frye, was actually a disguised Skrull. Ryder blew her away and exposed her true nature, then chased Dice down and wrecked his car. Ryder revealed the cause of his own recent changes to Dice, and he joined the group. Like most of the Skrull Kill Krew Dice has shapeshifting powers, but has the preferance to shapeshift his hand into various exotic weapons at his disposal.

Due to the degenerative properties of the infection, Dice, Catwalk, and Moonstomp's bodies eventually start to rot away. Riot and Ryder preserve their team mates heads in cryo-stasis. This is done as they know they can only be brought back for one last mission.

Rob has many reservations about actually killing anything, even Skrulls, the team slowly have a change of heart, leaving native-born Skrulls alive. They even went as far as killing humans instead of the native Skrulls in front of Norman Osborn.


Dice can transform his hands and arms into different objects and weapons. He could transform into representations of other objects. Dice eventually gains some sort of control over his personal reality, able to phase in and out of any place and back at will. He claims that he gained this ability after the Skrull DNA finally overcame the remainder of his human DNA, thus changing reality itself.

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