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Mister Blair

Mr. Blair was the president of a bank in New York City during the 1940s. Growing greedy, he developed the identity of the Robber Baron and organized a gang of bank robbers to rob his own bank. During the robbery, the robbers were ordered to knock Blair out and steal his possessions while at the same time putting his share of the money in his personal office safe. The crooks got away, but the robbery was observed by the Human Torch and Toro who began to investigate the robbery. Finding that Blair was merely stunned, the Torch spots a band for $1000 bills sticking out of Blair's safe tipping him off to the robbers employer as Blair ushers them out of his office.

The two heroes then went after the gang, and after an attempt to kill them by dropping them into the East River in blocks of asbestos mixed concrete, the heroes rounded up the thieves then turned them over to the authorities. The Torch then led Toro to Blair's mansion where they frightened Blair into a confession and he too was turned over to the authorities.

Blair's subsequent fate is unknown.


As the Robber Baron, Blair carried a pistol.

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