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Manipulator is a version of Robbie Thompson created by Robbie himself in another universe to make a great event to let Deadpool know Spider-Man's secret identity. To do this, Robbie transported the two heroes into another universe where the Manipulator had seemingly killed every superheroes with his robots and his horde excepted for the Underground.[1] When Wade and Peter arrived, they first couldn't break down the 4th wall because of Robbie, but they met with Silk who explained to them how to defeat the Manipulator, but it failed and the Manipulator captured the heroes.[2] They discovered that the Manipulator didn't kill the heroes and villains, but instead, he captured them all to fight themselves, kill them, resuscitated them, and kill them again. Meanwhile, Deadpool met with Gwenpool, and she brought back Wade who saved all the prisoners.[3] The Manipulator appeared and fought the heroes. Wade got help from Gwenpool, and she suggested that the Manipulator was the 4th wall, and she also suggested that they hit the Manipulator in a certain moment. Deadpool gathered a squad of superheroes to do such that. While many squad members hit the Manipulator in different places on the body, Wade with Spider-Man and many others hit the Manipulator in order to break through and thereby broke down the 4th wall. The heroes then reappeared in "the real world",[4] but the Manipulator followed them. Luckily, Gwenpool found many comics where there were many ways to hurt the Manipulator with specific characters. Wade understood that something was not right and he also understood that the Manipulator and his history was a creation of Robbie Thompson of that Earth. Therefore, Deadpool and Spider-Man escaped from Robbie's imagination and the Manipulator dissolved himself.[5]

Robbie himself was then discovered to be behind the events by Spider-Man and Deadpool and was easily apprehended. He was then placed into custody on Earth-616, where the events of his arc never happened and Spider-Man's identity had remained a secret. For that new history, Spider-Man and Deadpool stopped the Manipulator before he became destructive like in Robbie's imagination. Therefore, Deadpool didn't learn Spider-Man's secret identity. Robbie was presumably already known for his terrible powers, because Silk was amazed that Spider-Man and Deadpool could defeat the Manipulator.[5]

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