Bobby Andrews and his brother, Dave, grew up in a troubled household in Youngstown, Ohio, both being physically and emotionally abused by their mother. When they were teenagers, they joined the Church of Human Potential; however, Reverend Miller of their local cell kicked them out after learning of the brothers' anti-mutant sentiments. They were subsequently lured into joining the Weapon X Program, which secretly turned its volunteers into mindless Adamantium killer Cyborgs.

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When Bobby was about to meet with Weapon X recruiter Carla in Longview, Texas, he was approached by Amadeus Cho, who had been investigating Weapon X after being attacked by Dave, who had already become a lethal cyborg. Cho tried to prevent Bobby from joining Weapon X, but he lunged at Amadeus. Carla subsequently appeared in a car and picked up Bobby while a cyborg kept Amadeus occupied. As they drove away, Cho attempted once again to appeal to Bobby.[2]

Carla and Bobby subsequently arrived to the Weapon X Central Command in Serenity Hills, Texas. After meeting up with Reverend William Stryker, Bobby was subjected to the beginning of the transformation process to turn him into a cyborg,[1] a process during which most of his brain was excised, leaving only the most basic nerve clusters that powered survival-based emotional responses, namely anger.[3]

Hulk and his allies pinpointed the location of Weapon X Central Command and rampaged through the facility in hopes of finding Bobby before he was turned into a mindless murder machine. Unfortunately, they arrived too late, and Weapon X head scientist Dr. Alba even released Bobby in his new monstrous form, as H-Beta, to fight the intruders.[4]

H-Beta eventually confronted the Hulk, forcing him to let his anger loose to be evenly matched. After H-Beta and Hulk took the fight outside the Weapon X Facility, Dr. Alba released the other subject whose incubation had just finished, H-Alpha. Having been programmed to act as an apex predator, H-Alpha was designed to destroy whichever threat it faced. So as soon as he joined Hulk and H-Beta's brawl, H-Alpha lunged at H-Beta and beheaded him.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Mutant / Gamma Mutate Cyborg: Bobby Andrew was subjected to experiments that grafted him the DNA of both Logan and the Hulk. His skeleton was additionally bonded to Adamantium.[4]

  • Bone Claws[4]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor[4]
  • Superhuman Strength[4]



Adamantium, Sternbots

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