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Speedball asking the Avengers for his application into the team.

Speedball was the partener of Ape X, both Ape-Vengers. He seems loyal to them, but was seen with a group of what would usually be considered "his enemies".

He asks Gibbon about the human version of Speedball, but Marty doesn't have the heart to tell him about the Stamford incident. He's later revealed to be part of a group trying to reveal that the Captain America leading the Ape-Vengers is Baron Blood in disguise.

After freeing the real Cap from the ice, the group goes out to fight Blood and in the battle, Speedball is gravely wounded and is taken through the portal to the 616 universe to be medically treated. After being healed, he says that he can't go back, as he's seen as a traitor for helping humans, and as a result decided to stay in the human universe and applied for the Avengers' Initiative.[1]


See Robert Baldwin (Earth-616)#Powers.

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