Thomas Halloway gets a phone call from dentist Dr. Bell who tells his patient that he recently received a death threat in the mail, prompting Halloway to investigate as the Angel, and he takes a plane to meet with Dr. Bell. In the meantime, the dentist receives a mysterious package from a so called "admirer". This package contains a human skull supposedly from the E.R. Biological Supply Company. Upon closer examination the doctor is suddenly shot by poison darts fired from within the skulls eyes.

The doctor is killed just as the Angel arrives on the scene and hearing his friend's death the Angel smashes into his office. There he searches the room and finds the source of his friends death: firing mechanisms hidden in the eyes of the skull. Taking some plaster, the Angel takes a mold of the skull's teeth and matches it with Bell's dental records and find that they belong to Dr. James Thomas. The Angel leaves, telling the nurse to call the police.[1]

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