Robert "Bobby" Blackthorne was the leader of a Satanic-worshiping bikers gang. He and his men made a deal with "Satan" into becoming rich and powerful men. By doing so, Blackthorne and his gang murdered John Blaze and Roxanne Simpson in a ritual sacrifice. As a result, Blackthorne's men became prominent philanthropists and businesses magnates while Blackthorne became Vice President of the United States. However, Satan had an edge to Blackthorne's contract as Blaze sold his soul to the demon into becoming the Ghost Rider to kill his murderers and reaping their souls as part of the deal.

Fearing for his life, Blackthorne had S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers protect him, but he realized this was not enough to finish Blaze and instead made a second deal with Satan to become another version of the Spirit of Vengeance. Blackthorne fought both the Avengers and Blaze before being briefly subdued by the latter and taken to a church where he and Blaze reverted back to their human forms. At first, Blackthorne struck back at Blaze but died when the Punisher shot him in the head.[1]


Seemingly those of Ghost Rider of Earth-616.

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