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Bobby Carr was a famous actor from such films as Titanic and One Last Kiss. He was not fond of the paparazzi, but his agent Sean Rockwell was tipping off the DB owner, Dexter Bennett, on where Bobby Carr would be. One fan, Edith Harper, had an altercation with Carr at the Deep End club. Peter Parker was at the same club, and was told to get pictures of Carr doing things he shouldn't be doing, and managed to get a photo of Carr knocking the tray out of Harper's hands. The photo was just the thing Bennett wanted and was put on the front page of the Daily Bugle. After the photo was published Harper was killed by the mysterious Paper Doll. Another incident involved Carr pushing a camera into photographer Frankie Kollins' face and breaking his nose. This incident was also set up by Rockwell with photos taken by Parker. Kollins also wanted to sue Carr, and later had an attempt on his life by the Paper Doll, but was saved by Spider-Man. Since Spider-Man by then had figured out why Kollins was targeted, Kollins, in order to save his life, retracted the lawsuit he was going to file.

Rockwell was then later seemingly killed by Paper Doll for betraying Carr's trust, but not before he revealed to Bennett where Carr was going to be staying at his private estate in the Hamptons. This information allowed Parker to get some photos of Carr and his mysterious new girlfriend,[citation needed] revealed to be none other than Mary Jane Watson.[1]

Later, Bobby revealed to Mary Jane that he had been cast as Steve Rogers in a film about his life, which was a large step up from his usual roles. The two went out to celebrate where they and the rest of the club were attacked by White Rabbit, who had been dealing Bobby MGH to bulk up for the role. When Mary Jane found out, she left Bobby to the authorities.[2]




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