Quote1 With great power comes great...mental illness. Quote2
-- Robert "Whizzer" Coleman src

History of character is unknown.


Seemingly those of his Marvel Prime counterpart.


  • Whizzer requires corrective lens.[1]
  • His powers only manifested when he exhibited fear.[1]
  • Whizzer reports he has a mental illness.[2]

Robert Coleman (Earth-199999) and Emil Coleman (Earth-199999) from Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2 2 001

Photos of Whizzer, Emil and other mongooses

  • Whizzer's pet mongoose, Emil, is a nod to the classic origin of Robert Frank, the Whizzer, who received his superhuman speed from a transfusion of mongoose blood. Also, "Emil" is the name of Robert Frank's father.
  • Whizzer is prescribed a high dose of Clozaril, an antipsychotic medication, to control his powers.[2]

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