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When his mutant powers manifested, Bobby kept them a secret from everyone but his parents. His father turned him over to the authorities when the Human-Mutant War began because he thought he would be safer in custody than hunted as a renegade. Bitter over this perceived betrayal, Bobby jumped at the chance to join Apocalypse when that mutant freed him during a raid on the Alamo Mutant Camp. After the war ended and Magneto gave North Africa to Apocalypse, Iceman continued to serve loyally as one of the Horsemen. He participated in enslaving the human population of the area and forcing them to rebuild Egyptian monuments. Iceman was one of the mutants who volunteered to accompany Apocalypse when Magneto authorized the invasion of Wakanda. He distracted Storm, Sunfire and Namor long enough to allow Apocalypse to get past them.[1] It's unclear whether or not Sunfire destroyed him, since he may have been able to reform from evaporation.

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Originally the same as those of his Earth-616 counterpart, enhanced by Apocalypse (specifics not given).


None known

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None known

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