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A number of the incidents recounted in the early adventures of Iceman are cited to have occurred in specific decades relative to the era of publication. However, the Earth-616 universe operates on a Sliding Timescale these events could not have occurred in the times they appeared due to the fact that it would drastically age the character. As of this writing, it's generally accepted that Iceman first joined the X-Men roughly 10 years ago. All historically specific references to the activities of the X-Men will be generalized in the main article, and any references to the Sliding Time Scale will be mentioned in the citation notes.

Early Life

Robert "Bobby" Drake was the son of William and Madeline Drake. They lived in Fort Washington, Long Island. [1] As an infant, young Bobby looked up to his parents and thought very highly of them. He grew to love the beach. [2] An imaginative young boy, he was told by his father that dreamers never got anywhere in life. Bobby developed shame toward his imagination, something that would limit him for years to come. [3] At the age of ten, Bobby broke his arm, only for his stern father to tell him to stop crying. [4] By the time Bobby entered adolescence, he began to feel cold all the time, an early manifestation of his mutant powers. [5] During this troubling time, Bobby's body was briefly possessed by his future self. Bobby retained no memories of the activities of his future self. [6]

Original X-Men

Becoming Iceman

Robert Drake (Earth-616) young Bobby from X-Men Origins Iceman Vol 1 1

Young Bobby Drake[1]

Later, Bobby's powers manifested themselves for the first time when he froze the water in the family swimming pool. His parents quickly realized that their son was a mutant, and warned him to be careful about his powers because others would grow to fear them. Bobby began secretly practicing the use of his powers and quickly learned how to coat his body in snow, he found the idea of being a mutant to be an amazing experience. In school, Drake began dating Judy Harmon earning the ire of local bully Rocky Beasely. In his free time, Bobby continued practicing how to use his mutant powers to freeze the moisture in the air. [1] One day he asked Judy out on a date to the movies. After the show was over they were harassed by Rocky and his gang. When Bobby feared for Judy's safety, he used his mutant powers to freeze Rocky in a block of ice. Horrified by what happened, the gang and Judy fled the scene. Bobby then rushed home to his parents to tell them what had happened. Not long after, the local sheriff came by to take Bobby into police custody. Believing that he would get a fair trial, Bobby surrendered to the police. When the story made the news, it was read by Professor Charles Xavier, a mutant telepath, who was gathering a group of mutants to train to help in his quest to bring peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. Xavier sent his first student, Cyclops to go to Bobby and invite him to join his group, the X-Men. [7]

Cyclops broke into Bobby's prison cell and offered to help him escape. Bobby refused, wanting to have his day in court and the two soon came to blows. [8][1] Their fight took them across town, attracting the attention of the locals who formed a lynch mob to kill Bobby. [8] Before the mob could execute Cyclops and Bobby, Professor Xavier intervened using his mental powers to erase the memories of Bobby's mutant powers from the whole town. Xavier then offered Bobby a chance to join his School for Gifted Youngsters and become a member of the X-Men. An offer that Bobby agreed, and he was given the codename Iceman. [9][10] Upon arriving at Xavier's school in Westchester County, the first thing Bobby did was ice up and use his powers, happy to finally be somewhere they he could be himself. [1]

Forming the X-Men

Xavier next became aware of Warren Worthington III a mutant who had wings enambling him to fly. By the time Xavier sought to recruit him, Worthington had now began a solo career as a costumed hero calling himself the Avenging Angel. Tracking Angel down, Xavier sent both Cyclops and Iceman to recruit him just after the Avenging Angel succeeded in recovering a stolen vial of a radioactive isotope. [11][12] However the isotope had an effect on the Angel's mind and he battled the two X-Men. With the isotope reaching critical mass, Xavier successfully contacted Warren telepathically and convinced him to toss the isotope high in the air where it harmlessly exploded. His sanity restored, Warren also agreed to join the X-Men, re-christening himself as simply the Angel. [13][12] Soon Charles began reading about Duffee, Illinois high school football star Henry McCoy whose enhanced agility and large hands and feet identified himself as a mutant. [14] However, Hank's abilities also attracted the attention of the terrorist known as the Conquistador who sought to utilize those powers for his goals of conquering the world. The Conquistador then captured Hank and his parents before Xavier and his other students could reach him. [15][16][17] Charles managed to track Hank when he was forced to break into a nuclear research facility to steal a newly invented solar power device. [18][16][17] Xavier sent his X-Men to rescue Hank and his family from the Conquistador's lair. [19][16][17] In two accounts the rescue was a success and the Conquistador was seemingly slain in the ensuing blast when the solar power device overloaded. [19] However another account states that there was no explosion and the Conquistador apparently did not perish. [20] Like the others, Hank agreed to transfer to Xavier's school and join the X-Men taking the code name Beast. As with Iceman, Xavier then used his mental powers to erase all knowledge of Hank's mutant powers from the people in town. [19]

With telekinetic Jean Grey joining the group, [21] Xavier's team of X-Men was complete. He began training them to hone their powers in his specially constructed Danger Room. [22]

Early Missions

X-Men (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition Vol 1 23

The original X-Men: Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman. [23]

Now calling himself Professor X, Xavier was ready to reveal the X-Men to the world. Soon the threat of the mutant terrorist known as Magneto became very real and Xavier called upon his X-Men to prepare for their first battle against his one-time friend. Through Xavier's guidance, Cyclops and the X-Men succeeded in stopping Magneto from taking over the Cape Citadel missile base, forcing the master of magnetism to flee. [21] Later, during an early training session Scott bested Iceman in combat. Bobby, a natural prankster, reciprocated by using his ice powers to play various pranks on Scott until he couldn't take it anymore and punched Bobby out. [24] Bobby later learned to respect Scott when he overheard Xavier making him field leader for the X-Men. Bobby suspected that Xavier orchestrated the meeting for Bobby's benefit. [25]

Later when the mutant teleporter known as the Vanisher began stealing government secrets, Professor X offered the X-Men's aid to the government to stop him. Xavier himself defeated the Vanisher by using his mental powers to cut off his access to his powers, allowing the X-Men to easily capture him and his minions. [26] Later when the Angel had another personality shift following exposure to radiation unleashed by a test by Stark Industries, Iceman and the X-Men stood back to allow the armored hero Iron Man deal with the danger posed by the Angel until he reverted back to normal. [27] Iceman and his teammates later met the supremely powerful hero known as the Sentry, assisting him in defeating his foe the General who was attempting to steal nuclear weapons to launch against the nation of France. [28]

Xavier soon located another mutant, the immovable Blob who was working as part of a carnival freak show and sent the X-Men to recruit him. However Charles soon learned the error of welcoming the Blob in with open arms when he turned out to be uninterested in joining the X-Men and later attacked the school. While the Iceman and the X-Men kept the Blob and his army of carnies at bay, Xavier completed a device that allowed him to wipe out all memory of the X-Men's headquarters and secret identities from the mind of the Blob and his cohorts. [29] Later while in a training session the X-Men were briefly surprised by the sudden appearance of a medieval knight, but it soon disappeared. [30] After more training, [31] Magneto resurfaced, this time with his own team of mutants. This so-called Brotherhood of Evil Mutants conquered the South American nation of Santo Marco. [32][33] Xavier soon deployed Bobby and the X-Men who battled the Brotherhood, which also included Pietro and Wanda Maximoff who were now reluctant members of the Brotherhood as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. [32][34] When the Brotherhood was forced to flee, Xavier threw himself at a booby trapped door to save his students from the blast, and led them to believe that he had lost his mental powers as a result. [32][35] Later when the X-Men were lured into a trap by Magneto and were taken aboard his Asteroid M headquarters, the X-Men managed to escape without the aid of Xavier. Bobby was partially responsible for the team surviving by creating a tube of ice so they could travel between sections of the Asteroid that were breaking up in space. Charles later revealed to his students that he feigned his lost powers as a final test to see if his students could handle themselves without his aid. [36]

While taking a break from his studies, Bobby decided to take a cruise in New York. When the ship was held up by modern day pirate, Captain Barracuda, Bobby iced up to stop him. Iceman was surprised to find that he was not the only super-hero on board as he was joined by the Fantastic Four's Human Torch who was also on board with his girlfriend Dorrie Evans. The pair quickly defeated Barracuda, and parted ways. [37] Although this would not be the last time the two would team up over the years. Soon Professor X was enthralled by the Puppet Master and the Mad Thinker who then used Xavier to order the X-Men to attack their foes the Fantastic Four. Although the two teams were forced to fight each other, Xavier eventually broke free from the Puppet Master's control and exposed the entire ruse. The Puppet Master and the Thinker then fled before they could be captured by the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. [38] Not long after this, Cyclops and the X-Men were chased by an anti-mutant mob. Cornered in a blind alley the mob started throwing rocks. One rock, thrown by photographer Philip Sheldon, struck Iceman in the head. Scott told his teammates that the bigoted mob were not worth it and they fled into the night. [39]

Quickfreeze (Earth-616) from Unlimited Access -4 0001

Quick Freeze[40]

The X-Men were later pulled forward in time by the hero known as Access where the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants had teamed up with the other-dimensional being known as Darkseid and his Apokoliptians who were attempting to conquer their two universes. The X-Men assisted the Avengers as well as the Justice League of America and the Teen Titans, heroes from Darkseid's dimension. [41] Access used his powers to amalgamate heroes from both universes together and brought them to battle Magneto on Asteroid M. These included the Angel who was merged with the Teen Titan known as Robin, Bobby with the Titan's Impulse and Marvel Girl with the Justice League's Black Canary, creating the amalgams of Redwing, Quick Freeze, and Jean Black respectively. While on the Earth, Professor X, the Beast, and Cyclops remained to deal with the various threats there. When Access and his allies defeated Darkseid and Magneto, all the heroes and their foes were returned to their proper times and dimensions. Upon their return home, Charles and the X-Men's memory of events eventually faded. [40] Learning that the Sub-Mariner was also a mutant, both Xavier and Magneto sought to recruit him to their respective sides. Magneto succeeded in summoning Namor first, ultimately leading to another battle between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Realizing that Magneto intended to make Namor a subordinate he refused to join. The X-Men then drove Magneto and his Brotherhood away, but in the aftermath of the battle, Namor had no interest in joining the X-Men either. [42] Iceman later joined the X-Men into battle against the Brotherhood again when they attempted to recruit the thunder god Thor into their ranks, mistakenly believing him to be a mutant. When the X-Men arrived, Magneto and his minions then fled. [43]

Later, Iceman and the X-Men found themselves pulled forward in time once again. This time by a would-be assassin named Sidestep who was hired to assassinate the group of British super-heroes known as Excalibur, a future off-shoot of the X-Men, on behalf of the Latverian monarch Doctor Doom. To this end, each member of the X-Men had their memories altered to fit the era in which they were placed and forced to do battle with a member of Excalibur. Iceman was sent back to the ice age and had his mind regressed to that of a caveman. There he was pitted against Excalibur's warrior Kylun. Ultimately the more experienced members of Excalibur defeated the X-Men. With Doom's plot ruined the original X-Men were restored to normal, had their memories of these events erased, and were returned to their own time. [44] Back in their own time, the X-Men continued their training. [45][46]

First Graduation

Charles Xavier (Earth-616) and the X-Men first graduation photo from X-Men Vol 1 7

Xavier and the original X-Men during their first graduation. [47]

Once his X-Men had completed their high school educational and training requirements, Professor X threw a private graduation ceremony for them. [47] After the festivities, Charles took a leave of absence from the school and left Cyclops in charge. [47][48][22] During this time Bobby had become close friends with his fellow X-Man Hank McCoy. The two began frequenting Coffee A Go-Go in Greenwich Village. There Bobby took a liking to the works of Bernard the Poet and began romancing a barista named Zelda Kurtzberg.
Robert Drake (Earth-616) ices up for the first time in X-Men Vol 1 8

Icing up for the first time. [49]

Later, without Xavier, the X-Men succeeded in stopping the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from recruiting the Blob into their ranks. [47] Under Scott's training, Iceman learned how to cover his body in ice. Not long after this, both Bobby and Hank were attacked by an anti-mutant mob. Having had enough, Hank abruptly quit the X-Men. Soon the X-Men faced a new evil mutant named Unus the Untouchable, who could erect an impenetrable force field around himself. The Beast soon returned to his friends developed a device that boosted Unus' force fields so that he could not even touch food forcing him to surrender to have the effects reversed. [49] The X-Men in an investigation of a supposed mutant calling himself the Menace and his Mutantmen army. With the aid of Spider-Man, the X-Men revealed that "Menace" was really a group of criminals exploiting anti-mutant hysteria to commit robberies, pinning the blame on mutants. [50] Later the X-Men joined the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man in battling the super-powerful Sundown. [51] Charles soon contacted his students and revealed that he was searching for the alien Lucifer, who was responsible for crippling him. Charles called for his X-Men to join him in Europe. Quickly captured, Charles learned that Lucifer had armed a bomb that could blow up all of Europe and that it was specially rigged to his heart, so that the bomb would go off if his heart was stopped. When the Avengers later arrived to investigate the scene. Charles had Cyclops and the X-Men hold the Avengers at bay until he was able to incapacitate Lucifer with a mental bolt. Charles then stopped the first between the two teams and explained the situation. Satisfied that the X-Men had the situation under control, the Avengers then departed. Guiding Cyclops' optic blast, Charles was able to disarm the bomb. When Lucifer revived shortly thereafter, Xavier allowed him to go free as he had been thoroughly defeated. [52]

Robert Drake (Earth-616) Version 2.0 Costume from X-Men First Class 0001

Training uniform Version 2.0. [25]

With the next stage of their education and training, Iceman and his teammates were provided with alternate costumes that they occasionally wore in the field. Charles also developed an addition to Cerebro which included an artificial intelligence that taught his students whenever he was absent or busy. When Xavier began detecting a strange force that was taking control of plants and animals near the mansion, he and the X-Men tracked the source near Greenland. There they prevented scientist who were studying global warming from drilling into the domain of ancient creatures that used to be the dominant species on Earth and were in the final cycle of their lifespan. This discovery convinced the scientist to drill elsewhere for their research. [25] During a later training session, Jean attempted to get the other members of the team motivated by offering to go out on a date with whoever won a race to the Danger Room, a competition that was quickly quashed by both the Professor and Cyclops. [53] Later the X-Men were invited to the engagement party of the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Girl. Since Charles was keeping his ties to the X-Men a secret at the time, he and he students had to act as though they did not know each other. [54] During a lull in activity, Charles allowed the X-Men to investigate reports of a savage man running loose in Antarctica. This led to the X-Men discovering the so-called Savage Land and finding an ally in it's ruler Ka-Zar during a clash with the primitive Maa-Gor and the native Swamp Men. [55] Deciding to take a vacation, Charles took his students to the Florida Everglades and decided to pay a visit to his old colleague Curt Connors. Learning that Connors had once more transformed into the Lizard, he had Angel, Beast and Iceman assist him in capturing the Lizard and reverting him back to human form. He purposely allowed Scott and Jean to remain alone at Worthington's Florida home in the hopes that their growing feelings for each other could flourish. [56] Later when the rest of the team came down with the flu, Charles sent Cyclops on a lone mission to the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia to investigate disappearances in the area. With Xavier's guidance, Cyclops rescued the missing people from a cave dwelling mutant known only as Frederick. As Frederick was mentally unstable, Cyclops was forced to seemingly slay him in order to save his victims. [57]

Brotherhood Disassembled

Charles soon became aware of what appeared to be a new mutant and sent Iceman and the X-Men to make first contact. This led to another battle with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. However, this new entity turned out be the cosmic being known as the Stranger who had come to Earth to study mutants. During the ensuing clash, the Stranger transformed Brotherhood member Mastermind into dense matter and captured Magneto and the Toad to examine, while the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver decided their debt to Magneto had been paid and went their own way. [58] Charles had Mastermind's inert body stored at the mansion until he could find a means of dealing with it. [59] The X-Men did not have time to celebrate their victory as Charles' step-brother Cain Marko, who was transformed into the avatar of the demon Cyttorak attacked the mansion. Charles explained to his students how his brother was transformed by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak into a human juggernaut during their military service while they prepared defenses for the mansion. [60] Unable to attack the Juggernaut's mind thanks to a psi-proof helmet, Xavier contacted the Human Torch for assistance. While the X-Men kept the Juggernaut at bay, the Torch used his flame powers to remove Cain's helmet leaving him vulnerable to attack and eventually defeat at the hands of Xavier. After thanking the Torch, Xavier erased his memories of his encounter with the X-Men and the location of their headquarters. While the Juggernaut was defeated, the X-Men were seriously injured as a result and went through a period of healing. [61] Meanwhile, Charles secretly contained the Juggernaut on the mansion grounds, keeping him in a state of coma. [62] Eventually, the X-Men recovered from their injuries and Charles decided that they should all take a brief break from adventuring. [63]

While the Professor was away, Scott and the others took time to relax, spending a lot of time at their regular hangout, Coffee A Go-Go, unaware that they were being observed by young Skrulls on a mission to infiltrate the Earth. When the Skrulls later posed as the X-Men to free various creatures that escaped from Monster Island, Iceman and the others helped recapture the beasts. Realizing how selfless the X-Men were, the Skrulls later saved Scott and the others when their latest monster hunt went south, compromising their mission enough to get sent him leaving the X-Men confused about the entire ordeal. [64] When Angel and the Scarlet Witch both appeared to have gone missing, Iceman and the X-Men joined Quicksilver in searching for the pair. After a brief confrontation they learned that Warren and Wanda were briefly dating in secret until they realized that they came from very different walks of life and decided to amicably end their relationship. [59] The X-Men soon were contacted by Charles who had gone missing while on a mission to Africa. Hearing his telepathic cry for help the X-Men hired the retired 1950s adventurer known as Gorilla Man to help them rescue Charles from a mysterious cave that sapped the wills of those trapped inside. [65]

The X-Men later assisted Thor in tracking down members of the Midgard Vanir who had kidnapped Iceman in a plot to revive the Frost Giant known as Ymir on Earth. Before leaving the X-Men, Thor told Bobby that he could one day become as powerful as Ymir and him to use his powers responsibly.[66] By this time, Mastermind's consciousness expanded allowed him to use his illusion casting powers at great distances for a short period of time. Seeking to get revenge against the X-Men, he used his powers while the Professor was away to trick the X-Men into going on a "mission" to Monster Island.[67] When Charles returned to the mansion and found his charges missing, he managed to tack them down and expose Mastermind's plot, defeating him in mental combat. Xavier then had Mastermind's inert body removed to a safer location where he could do no further harm.[68] Iceman and the X-Men later returned to the mansion where their training resumed as normal. However, after studying Bobby's powers, Xavier was convinced that Drake was an "Omega Level" mutant -- meaning he had unlimited potential. However Xavier feared that unless Bobby applied himself, he would never meet that potential.[5] Iceman and the X-Men were later invited to the wedding of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Girl, once again having to pretend to not know each other. The wedding was soon crashed by an army of super-villains under the control of Latverian monarch Doctor Doom a long time Fantastic Four foe. Iceman and his fellow X-Men stopped attacks made by the Mole Man and his Moloids,[69] Batroc the Leaper, the Executioner, and the monster Grogoom. [70] Eventually Mister Fantastic dispelled the villains with a time displacement device provided to him by the Watcher and the wedding went on uninterrupted.[69][39][70]

Non-Mutant Threats

Anti-mutant hysteria had reached new highs at this point thanks, in part, to the bigoted fear mongering of inventor Bolivar Trask. Seeking to try and dispel some of the prejudice, Charles organized a televised debate with Trask. Trask in turn used the debate to unveil his mutant hunting Sentinel robots to the public. However the machines soon turned on him, deciding that the only way to protect humanity was by ruling it.[63][39] Charles summoned his X-Men, but they were too late to stop the Sentinels from absconding with Trask, although one of the robots suddenly deactivated in the battle. Before they could determine why, Charles led his X-Men out to the secret base of the Sentinels only to find it heavily fortified with powerful weapons.[63] During the initial attack on the Sentinels fortress, both the Beast and Iceman were captured. While the other X-Men renewed their attack, Xavier probed the base and learned that the Sentinel's leader, Master Mold was probing the Beast's mind to learn what he could about the X-Men. Xavier prevented the probes from revealing anymore before his astral form was driven back by Master Mold, who detected his presence.[14] With his X-Men still trapped inside, Charles decided to determine what stopped the Sentinel back at the TV station and used his mental powers to commandeer a ride back into the city. There he discovered that a giant crystal display at the Crystal Products Building was jamming the signal to the Sentinel, he made arrangements to have it flown to the Sentinels' headquarters. While Charles had the police and military jam the Sentinels, Bolivar -- having realized the errors of his ways -- sacrificed his life to seemingly destroy Master Mold. The X-Men also managed to escape, but were injured while the fled, particularly Iceman who was in critical condition.[71]

Professor X accompanied the X-Men to the hospital in order to ensure that their secret identities were not exposed, although he was incredibly careful not to led the authorities or hospital staff suspect that he had ties with the group. When they X-Men became aware that Warren's parents were going to be making an impromptu visit to the school, Charles and his students tried to return home before their arrival. This led to everyone but the recovering Iceman to be captured by Magneto, who had escaped the Stranger's world. After releasing Xavier and his charges high into the atmosphere in a balloon, he captured Warren's parents.[72] Charles used his mental powers to guide Iceman in stopping Magneto from using Warren's parents as genetic templates to create an army of mutant slaves. All the while, he also guided the X-Men in to getting back to ground while also contacting the Stranger to inform him of Magneto's escape. Sure enough, after the X-Men arrived, the Strange soon followed forcing Magneto to flee.[73]

As it turned out the purpose of the Worthington's visit was to inform Angel that his Aunt Mimi had gone missing while exploring Brazil. Angel eventually tracked her down in the hidden domain known as the Land of Mists. It was here Warren decided to stay feeling that he belonged in this society that did not judge him for being different. When the other X-Men returned upset that Worthington chose to stay, Charles tried his best to console the team.[74] By this time Charles the X-Men began working with FBI Agent Baker who seemed to occasionally replace Fred Duncan as liaison for the X-Men. He also got into contact with his colleague Able Stack and agreed to have Stack bring his robot X-50 to interact with his students. Xavier later dispatched the X-Men and X-50 to Mount Saint Helen's where there were sightings of Lava Men.[75] Xavier later warned his students when it became known that the X-series robots were proving to be unstable. The Lava Men were eventually stopped, but X-50 was destroyed in the resulting battle. The X-Men recovered X-50's memory which Able Stack was later used to create X-51 later known as Machine Man.[76]

The X-Men later crossed paths with the former Frightful Four member known as Medusa. Charles offered to assist her in recovering her lost memories but found doing so difficult. Suspecting that she was a mutant, Charles invited her to join the X-Men. When her former leader, the Wizard sought to bring Medusa back into the fold, the X-Men battled him. During the fight Charles realized that the Wizard had implanted a device on Medusa to control her mind. After Cyclops destroyed it, Medusa was freed from the Wizard's influence and went on her own. Charles then revealed a surprise to his students, revealing that Angel had returned to them. [77] When Jean was struggling to find a role model in the male dominant group, Charles arranged for Marvel Girl to shadow the Invisible Girl of the Fantastic Four, assisting them in defeating the Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android with an assist from the male members of her team. [78] Later, Iceman briefly left the team to work alongside the Human Torch. The pair convinced Spider-Man to let them take over a stakeout for super-villains. After hours of waiting, Bobby and Johnny clashed with the Scorpion and the Beetle, easily trouncing them in battle. The pair even went so far as to set up a headquarters for themselves to hang out in. However, this union was not meant to be, as Bobby quickly returned to the X-Men when the Torch proved to be competition for the affections of Zelda Kurtzberg]]. [79]

Having patched things up with Zelda, the couple introduced Hank the like minded Vera Cantor. Vera did not come without any baggage, as she previously dated Calvin Rankin who after an accident endowed him with the ability to mimic the abilities of those in close proximity to him. In getting into a fight with Bobby and Hank his mimicing powers revealed to him that they were members of the X-Men. Following each the team and duplicating their powers, he attacked the X-Men in the costumed identity of Mimic after learning the location of their headquarters. During their initial clash, Mimic captured Jean and fled. The X-Men followed after Mimic when he kidnapped Jean and fled to the secret cave laboratory he lived. Here Mimic hoped to use the X-Men's stolen powers to open up a buried device invented by his father that Mimic assumed would make his power duplication abilities permanent. As it turned out this was not the case and Xavier allowed himself to be taken hostage while Mimic used the device which stripped him of his powers instead. Charles then erased Calvin's memories of his encounter with the X-Men and set him free. [80][81] Lucifer resurfaced soon after, and he manipulated the Blob and Unus to team up and commit crimes dressed like the X-Men. The X-Men attempted to apprehend them and clear their names, but Blob and Unus managed to escape. When Xavier attempted to learn the identity of the Blob and Unus' benefactor he was incapacitated with with a mental defense weapon. After the Beast developed a device to block the effects of the mental distorter, Xavier led the X-Men after Lucifer. [82] While Lucifer attempted to activate his Dominus computer to enslave the Earth, the X-Men attempted to infiltrate his fortress the Professor was captured by Lucifer's robots. Learning that only the robots could utilized the Dominus computer, Xavier instructed his students to destroy them, leaving Lucifer with no means of activating his computer. Unimpressed, Lucifer's superiors banished him to another dimension, ending his threat to Earth. [83] Charles and the X-Men were later asked to assist the military in capturing the gamma spawned monster known as the Hulk who was sighted in the Pacific North West. However they soon learned from the Hulk's sidekick Rick Jones that the military sought to weaponize the Hulk. Feeling sympathetic for the Hulk's alter ego of Bruce Banner, Xavier and the X-Men let him go and acted as though their search was fruitless. [84]

After another training session Charles allowed his students to have a brief break from their studies and training. While the X-Men were gone, they were targeted by Maggia leader Count Nefaria who enlisted the aid of the Scarecrow, Planetman, the Eel, the Porcupine, and the Unicorn in order to capture the youths. When Nefaria offered the X-Men to join his organization they refused and were taken prisoner while he targeted Washington D.C. [85] The Count then sealed Washington in an impenetrable dome and demanded a huge ransom to release it, framing he X-Men in the process. Upon learning this, Charles offered his "expertise" to the military in order to get close enough to Washington to send his Asteral form. Contacting his X-Men, Charles instructed them to play along. Having developed special leg braced to allow for limited mobility, Charles then infiltrated the dome when Nefaria lowered the shield to allow the X-Men to collect the ransom. While the super-villains fought over the money, Xavier infiltrated Nefaria's base of operations and deactivated his device. Tricking Nefaria and Unicorn into thinking they escaped with the ransom, Charles then mentally alerted the Coast Guard as they attempted to flee the country. In the aftermath of the battle. In the aftermath of the battle, Jean got a letter from her parents telling her that they enrolled her at Metro College. [86] Although Jean was leaving Xavier's school, she still kept her ties with the team. Later, when the X-Men battled the insane entomologist known as the Locust,The X-Men foiled his plan to destroy America's wheat supply with giant insects. [87] Back at the mansion, Charles began working to enhance Cerebro some more and got caught in a mental loop between himself and the computer. In order to save himself, Xavier pulled the sleeping X-Men into his mind where they worked to free him. [88]

After assisting his students in rescuing children from a burning orphanage, Charles returned home to what was eventually determined to be a false reading of a new mutant in New York. The X-Men were deployed and encountered El Tigre, an explorer trying to find the second half of the amulet of Ahau god Kukulkan. The X-Men followed El Tigre and his minions to the American Museum of Anthropology but failed to stop him from recovering the second half of the amulet, endowing him with the powers of Kukulkan. [89] Although El Tigre was able to now block Charles' mental probes, he managed to locate the lost city where their foe escaped to. The X-Men went there and eventually defeated El Tigre/Kukulkan, stripping him of his powers. [90]

Factor Three

By the time the X-Men returned from their mission, Charles became aware of a new mutant menace that threatened them and began actively seeking out new members to boost the X-Men's ranks. Charles had the Beast and Iceman attempt to recruit Spider-Man, who also turned down their offer. At that same time, the Puppet Master resurfaced and attempted to take control of Xavier's mind, but Charles had already placed mental blocks to prevent this from happening again. When the X-Men found their new member, a newly restored Mimic, they were shocked when Xavier arbitrarily made Mimic deputy leader of the group. Soon after the Puppet Master possessed him instead. Charles then sent the X-Men out to defeat the Puppet Master, freeing Calvin from his control. [91] Charles then began training the X-Men and Mimic in order to prepare them for the coming battle. Their foes turned out to be a mysterious organization called Factor Three who sent their operatives Banshee and the Ogre to attack the school. As he was being forced to work with Factor Three thanks to a headress rigged with a bomb, Banshee went out of his way to sabotage the Ogre's attack and ultimately the X-Men defeated the Ogre and freed Banshee from Factor Three's control. [92] Later, the X-Men accidentally revived the Super-Adaptoid who had hidden itself on the Xavier estate. Seeking to turn the human race into androids like itself the Adaptoid attempted to start with the X-Men. Mimic made the ultimate sacrifice when he tricked the Super-Adaptoid try to duplicate the powers he mimicked off the X-Men. While the Adaptoid was rendered inert, Mimic was also made powerless and left the team. [93] Soon after this, Charles, Jean and Angel were later captured by the mutant known as the Warlock who sought to make Jean his queen after a bid to take over the world. Charles channeled his mental powers to bring Iceman and the other X-Men to the Warlock's hideout. There the X-Men bested the Warlock's minions and while their foe was distracted, Xavier used his mental powers to force the Warlock back into a state of suspended animation. [94]

With the threat of Factor Three still looming, Charles continued to train his students. Bobby later helped his fellow X-Men prevent the Cobalt Man from attacking a Stark Industries facility. [95] Later, the X-Men threw a surprise birthday party for Jean. As a gift, Charles gave Jean a new green and yellow costume which she would end up wearing as a regular costume much later. [96] Returning to his attempts to cure Cain, Charles strapped himself and his step-brother into a Energo-Transformer to try and probe his mind for a means of curing him. Instead the presence of the being known as the Outcast caused feed back that caused the machine to explode. While Charles was put in a coma, Cain was revived and endowed with Xavier's mental powers. The newly revived Juggernaut was too powerful for the X-Men and left after being mentally contacted and asked to join Factor Three. [62] While Charles was in a coma, the X-Men were still able to probe his mind and learn of the origins of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and with the aid of Dr. Strange, Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. He sent Cyclops and Marvel Girl into the Crimson Cosmos where they battled Outcast and recovered a Crimson Gem and returned to the Earth dimension. Iceman and the others kept the Juggernaut at bay until Scott and Jean returned with a gem that banished Cain to Crimson Cosmos before he could join Factor Three. However while the X-Men were busy defeating the Juggernaut, Factor Three kidnapped the Professor. [97]

The X-Men began trying to search for Charles, but were sidetracked when Jean received a call from Ted Roberts asking for help. They soon learned that his brother Ralph was captured by the subterranean ruler Tyrannus who sought to use Ralph to build a robot to battle his rival the Mole Man. While below the surface of the Earth, Angel, Iceman, and Marvel Girl were enthralled by the Mole Man with the mist of forgetfulness and sent to battle Tyrannus. They were later rescued by Cyclops and Beast, and the battle was ended when they exposed both Tyrannus and Mole Man to the mists, making them forget who they were. The X-Men then rescued Ralph and returned him to the surface. [98] Back at Xavier's School, the X-Men received a partial distress signal from Banshee warning them that Factor Three was sending a "spider" after them. This turned out to be a spider robot, but the machine was destroyed by Spider-Man who happened to be in the area. Detecting the robot's arrival, the X-Men tracked it down and found the wall-crawling hero. Mistaking Spider-Man as the menace that the Banshee warned them about, the X-Men attacked him. However they realized their error when cooler heads prevailed they realized their error and let Spider-Man go. In the aftermath of the battle, the X-Men were able to track the location of Banshee's signal to a mountain range in Europe. However there was just one problem: the X-Men had no money to get there. [99] Travelling into New York City to try and find a means of earning the money to fly to Europe, the X-Men ended up in a battle with Mekano, a disgruntled youth who used a powerful exoskeleton to terrorize the city. After stopping Mekano from trashing a new library, they unmasked him revealing him to be Tom Reagle, son of wealthy philanthropist Andrew Regal. Tom, as it turned out, was acting out because he felt his father ignored him. In thanks for stopping his son, Andrew rewarded the X-Men with the money they needed to make their trip. [100]

The X-Men were later attacked mid-flight and were forced to abandon their plane. They were soon attacked by more spider robots and taken prisoner in the secret headquarters of Factor Three with Charles and Banshee. The young mutants learned that the group consisted of their old foes Vanisher, Blob, Unus, and Mastermind as well shape shifter known as the Changeling. Under the leadership of the so-called Mutant Master, Factor Three were plotting to set off a nuclear holocaust so that the human race would be exterminated and mutants could rule the world. [101] The X-Men managed to break free and escape from Factor Three. They then split up into two groups to disarm the bombs Factor Three planted to trigger this war. While Marvel Girl, Angel and Beast went to Russia, Cyclops and Iceman tried to disarm the bomb in America. However, the respective armies of both countries put up opposition. Meanwhile, Charles began trying to convince the already suspicious Changeling of Mutant Masters ulterior motives. [102] The X-Men ultimately foiled Factor Three's plot and Xavier -- with the aid of Banshee and Changeling -- revealed that the Mutant Master was really a member of the Siris race who was attempting to exterminate humans and mutants so the Earth could be colonized. With his mission a failure, Mutant Master committed suicide over capture and the members of Factor Three disbanded. [103]

The "Death" of Xavier

After their return home, Xavier helped the X-Men defeat a mind controlled scientist who rebuilt a Sentinel, and although Charles sought to determine how he as manipulated he never learned the source. The X-Men's attentions were later turned to Cyclops who started seeing visions of a demon running loose. With the aid of Dr. Strange they learned that the demon followed Scott back from the Crimson Cosmos and returned it there. [104] While going to their usual hang-out, Coffee A Go-Go in Greenwich Village, the X-Men discovered that regular Bernard the Poet was a latent mutant. With the help of the Professor, the X-Men shut down his reality altering powers before anyone could get harmed. Charles later guided the X-Men in tracking down a strange reading picked up by Cerebro, uncovering the android Dragon Man. The creature was taken by Jean, and accompanied the X-Men on various missions for a time before Charles convinced Jean to let the dragon find a new home on Monster Island. [105] Soon after, Xavier decided that the X-Men had passed their latest round of training and awarded them with new costumes. [103]

Iceman and the other X-Men soon began new training but noted strange changes in the Professor and Marvel Girl. The X-Men were sent on a mission to investigate reports of the discovery of the Frankenstein's Monster, to determine if there was a mutant connection. The X-Men battled what they thought was the monster, but soon destroyed it, exposing it as a robot. Using his borrowed powers of telepathy, the Changeling was able to learn that the robot was sent to Earth over 150 years prior to act as an ambassador for an alien race, but it soon malfunctioned. [106] While on a date with Zelda and Vera, Hank and Bobby had to slip into costume to face by yet another subterranrean dweller, Grotesk, who sought revenge for nuclear tests that killed his people and mutated him. When Grotesk threatened to use a device to destroy the surface world, the X-Men fought back against him. [107] During the final battle against Grotesk, the Professor seemingly sacrificed his life to destroy the creature's machine, seemingly slaying Grotesk as well. When the Changeling died, he remained in Xavier's form leaving the X-Men to believe that Charles was dead. [108]

A funeral was quickly arranged for the man whom the X-Men believed to be their mentor, but the mourning was disturbed by the arrival of Quicksilver who had come to pay his respects. Later they watched what they thought was video confession of the Professor telling them that he had a terminal illness and before his passing endowed Marvel Girl with telepathic powers. The Professor also warned that Magneto had returned and soon the X-Men were out hunting their old foe. Tracking down his new hideout, the X-Men were unprepared to fight Magneto and his reformed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and they were quickly captured. [109] Although the team was shackled, Marvel Girl was able to free Angel and he fled Magneto's base to seek out the Avengers and get their help. [110] While the Angel managed to make it to the Avengers, Cyclops also broke free and battled Quicksilver when suddenly the Avengers arrived. [8] Magneto had prepared for this and planted a bug on Angel for the Avengers to find, making it seem like he betrayed the Avengers. He then used a mind control device to turn the X-Men into his slaves and ordered them to attack the Avengers. However the Avengers found the bug, and realizing Magneto was leading them into a trap only pretended to incapacitate the Angel. Free once more, the Angel freed the X-Men, and the Brotherhood was forced to flee setting their base to explode. The X-Men, Avengers and most of the Brotherhood escaped, and Magneto was seemingly killed in the blast. [111][112]

Growing Pains

Back at home, the X-Men continued to mourn the apparent loss of their leader. They had Xavier's will read to them by attorney Foggy Nelson who informed them that Xavier's school and financial assets were being given to his students. The X-Men's mourning was interrupted once again, this time by the Juggernaut who was brought back from the Crimson Cosmos by one of the Professor's machines. The X-Men battled the Juggernaut who could not believe that his step-brother was dead and when he saw the tomb stone for himself thought it was a trick. However the Juggernaut's return to Earth proved only temporary and he was shunted back to the Crimson Cosmos. In the aftermath of the battle, FBI agent Fred Duncan told the X-Men that in order to handle mutant menaces, the X-Men had to be broken up across the country. [9] Before leaving, Bobby and Hank went on one last date with their girlfriends Zelda and Vera. This led to another clash with the Warlock who was posing as a stage hypnotist calling himself the Maha Yogi. [113] Soon Bobby and Hank were sent out to the west coast, [114] not telling Zelda or Vera where they went. [115] The government mandate that the X-Men remain apart proved to be short lived when the mutant known as Mesmero used his powers to awaken latent mutants across America and gather them in his Mutant City on the west coast. One of these mutants was a young girl named Lorna Dane who was saved from traffic by Bobby, who instantly became smitten by the girl. The X-Men soon discovered that Lorna was a mutant. While the X-Men began trying to track down Mesmero and his mutant army, Iceman and Lorna were captured. [116] The X-Men managed to track down Bobby and Lorna and were shocked when Mesmero announced that Lorna was the daughter of Magneto, and that their old foe had seemingly survived their previous encounter. [117] The X-Men were no match for Mesmero and Magneto, and worse Lorna was conflicted as to where her loyalties were. The X-Men were then forced to flee, and come up with a new plan. When Bobby demanded immediate action, Cyclops ordered him to stay behind because he was too personally invested in Lorna's fate. Not willing to listen, Bobby set out to save Lorna on his own. Cyclops then developed the identity of Eric the Red, and sought to infiltrate the Mutant City from the inside. [15]

While Cyclops succeeded in infiltrating the group, the X-Men's cover was blown by Iceman who had dug up information on Lorna's past and went back to Mutant City to reveal to her the truth. In the ensuing battle, Bobby convinced Lorna to renounce her alliance to Magneto after revealing documents that proved that he was not her father. The X-Men then destroyed the Mutant City, fleeing from their captors. In the aftermath of the battle, it seemed that Bobby and Lorna were forming a romantic relationship, [118] however that would quickly change. Back in New York, the X-Men were invited to attend the wedding of the Avengers Yellow Jacket and the Wasp. [119][120] Testing out some of Xavier's abandoned machines, Marvel Girl later accidentally pulled the Negative Zone tyrant known as Blastaar to their dimension. The X-Men proved no match for Blastarr, but eventually the very energies that brought him to Earth, seemingly slew him. [121]

Having kept in touch with his younger brother over the years, Scott eventually introduced the X-Men to Alex on the day he graduated from university. However, the reunion was marred when Alex was kidnapped by the so-called Living Pharaoh. The Pharaoh managed to kidnap Alex while framing Scott for murder at the same time by faking his own death. [122] Cyclops was later captured as well and brought to Egypt with his brother. There he learned that his brother was a mutant as well, able to control cosmic energy, but his powers were tied to the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh had kidnapped Alex and planned to used a device to boost his own power. When the X-Men finally tracked them down to Egypt a battle broke out and ultimately the tide of battle was reversed when Alex manifested his mutant powers for the first time. [123] Alex was horrified by the level of power he commanded and while Cyclops tried to calm him down, they were attacked by the Pharaoh and his minions again. Alex was captured again and placed in a device to channel his powers into the Pharaoh transforming him into the gigantic super-powerful Living Monolith. However the Monolith was easily defeated when Alex managed to overload the device causing a massive explosion. The destruction of the machines caused the Pharaoh to revert back to human form, but Alex was still terrified of his powers. [13]

Havok and Lorna

While the X-Men had to deal with the Egyptian authorities, Alex fled into the desert. Unaware of this, after the X-Men escaped the authorities, they learned that Lorna Dane had been kidnapped from her home. While Bobby and Hank returned to the States to search for her, while Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Angel remained in Egypt to look for Alex. From Lorna's trashed apartment, Hank and Bobby soon learned that Larry Trask -- son of Bolivar -- and federal judge Robert Chalmers had reactivated the Sentinels and actively sent them out to capture mutants. Unknown to the X-Men at the time, this is what happened to both Alex and Lorna. [124] Iceman and Beast were then attacked by Sentinels, while Bobby was captured Hank managed to escape and warned the others who rushed back to the United States. At Larry Trask's Sentinel base Bobby was reunited with Alex -- equipped with a uniform that controlled his powers and given the code-name Havok -- and Lorna. Soon Larry's Sentinels kidnapped Angel, Mesmero, and other mutants. Soon Cyclops, Beast and Marvel Girl located Larry's base and began to infiltrate it. Realizing that Larry intended to execute all mutants without a fair trail, Judge Chalmers removed a necklace from around Larry's neck that nullified his own mutant powers. However this was too late as his last orders to the Sentinels were to destroy all mutants. [125] The remaining X-Men battled the Sentinels, tricking them by switching costumes with the recently captured Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Toad. Ultimately, Cyclops tricked the Sentinels into defeating themselves by convincing them to attack the source of mutations, radiation, and nearly the entire Sentinel fleet flew into the sun. However during the course of the battle, Havok was seriously injured. [126]

With Larry Trask's plot in shambles, the X-Men fled, and Scott sought out one of the Professor's old colleagues, Karl Lykos to treat Alex's injuries. What the X-Men were unaware of was that Lykos was a non-mutant variant who required the life forces of others to live. Absorbing some of Alex's life force caused Lykos to transform into the pterodactyl-man Sauron who then went on a rampage across the city. Although Scott ordered the X-Men to lay low amid growing anti-mutant hysteria, Angel decided to go into action against Sauron. [127] The X-Men went after Sauron and battled him, but as the creature's powers began to run low and a reversion back to human form began, Sauron hypnotically controlled Angel and had him bring Lykos back to his lab. The X-Men later recovered Alex, but soon the connection between Lykos and Sauron was revealed when he absorbed life energy from Lorna Dane and transformed into Sauron again. Ultimately, Sauron fled to the origin of his transformation into a non-mutant variant, Tierra del Fuego. The X-Men confronted him there with Lykos' fiancee Tanya Anderssen. But Lykos seemingly committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. [128] Angel went after Lykos first and was knocked out ending up in the Savage Land. He was rescued by a man calling himself the Creator and his Mutates. Who claimed that they were being persecuted by Ka-Zar and his people. The other X-Men found their way into the Savage Land and met with Ka-Zar, learning that the Creator and his Mutates were actually the ones terrorizing the region. Meanwhile, the Creator gave Angel a new costume and convinced him to fight against his own teammates. None suspected that the Creator was actually the X-Men's old foe Magneto. [129]

During the ensuing battle between the X-Men and the Mutates, Magneto revealed his hand unleashing his latest creation Loreli who could enthrall men with her voice. This had no effect on Marvel Girl who used her telekentic powers to unleash Cyclops' optic blast, destroying Magneto's machines that sustained the Mutate's powers. As Magneto's citadel exploded, the X-Men fled, and their long time foe seemingly perished once again. [130] On their way back to the United States the X-Men stopped in Washington D.C. where they clashed with the Japanese mutant named Sunfire who was attacking the capital to avenge the nuclear bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Sunfire was being encouraged to make these attacks by his uncle Tomo Yoshida. But it was not until Sunfire's father Japanese delegate Saburo Yoshida was killed by his uncle Tomo did Sunfire realize the errors of his ways and surrendered to the authorities. [131]

The Return of Professor X

By this time Xavier was finally ready to fend off the Z'Nox invasion. He revealed himself to Havok and Lorna, who had been waiting at the mansion while the X-Men were away, but they soon returned. Briefing them on his deception and the impending invasion, Charles quickly resumed leadership of the X-Men and began preparing them for the final battle. As the X-Men battled the Z'Nox invaders, Charles linked his mind with every good human being on the planet and channeled these alien emotions to the Z'Nox via his X-Men, forcing them to flee. The strain caused Xavier to suddenly collapse. [132] In a coma and in ill health, Charles mind was probed for a possible solution to his condition. Xavier told them to seek out Bruce Banner and recover a gamma powered device that could cure him. The X-Men succeeded in recovering the device and curing Charles, but not until after a clash with Banner's alter-ego the Hulk and the military. Although the X-Men were reunited once again, and had the addition of Havok and Lorna Dane in their ranks, already the group was beginning to fray once again as a growing love triangle bloomed between Lorna Dane, Havok and Iceman. Lorna was quickly becoming more interested in Havok, making Iceman instantly jealous and possessive. [133][134]

Shortly thereafter Spider-Man's foe Kraven the Hunter publicly "outed" Spider-Man as a mutant. Although still in recovery, Charles was at least able to help his X-Men to pinpoint Spider-Man's general location. The original team went to search for Spider-Man tracking him down to the Coffee Bean in New York. This location was attacked by Kraven and the Blob forcing the X-Men and Spider-Man to reveal themselves. While Kraven and the Blob were defeated by the heroes, Kraven completed his actual goal: collecting DNA from the X-Men for his employer, the enigmatic geneticist known as Mister Sinister, a man who had be secretly invested in the lives of the X-Men for years. [135] When the Fantastic Four were later threatened by a mysterious foe, their leader Mister Fantastic contacted Charles Xavier for help protecting his family. Charles invited the Fantastic Four to his home and offered two deactivated Sentinels to help defend the Fantastic Four's headquarters. Unfortunately, the FF's mystery foe -- secretly their longtime enemy Dr. Doom -- had hacked into the Sentinels and sent them on a rampage through New York City. The Sentinels were stopped thanks to the combined efforts of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Dr. Strange. [136] The X-Men later wished the Fantastic Four luck on defeating their mysterious foe. [137] Later when Doom absorbed the power of Galactus, [138] the X-Men were one of the many heroes who tried to defend the Earth from Doom. Charles and the X-Men were later seemingly slain. [139] Ultimately Mister Fantastic defeated Doom with the Cosmic Cube and used it's power to undo the damage cause, restoring all the slain heroes to life. [140]

Hidden Years

Finally back in full health, Charles had the X-Men brief him on their activities while he was in hiding. But the treatment appeared to have an effect on Xavier's mind as he began treating his X-Men like they were still students. [134] First they showed him the Sentinel ships that they had captured in his absence. Charles used this opportunity to test their abilities by creating a mental battle between the X-Men and illusions of their greatest foes. The subsequent test was poorly received by Iceman, who was upset at Xavier's deception as well as Lorna becoming more interested in Havok than him. [141] Learning that his students failed to confirm if Magneto had died in their last encounter, Charles sent them back to the Savage Land to investigate. The original team, except Iceman who quit the team, went on the mission leaving Lorna and Havok in reserve. The group hit turbulence entering the Savage Land and were forced to crash land. They were soon knocked out by drug tipped darts from a local tribe. Detecting this, Charles ordered Havok, Loran, and Iceman to rescue them, Alex and Lora agreed but Bobby once again refused to follow orders. Meanwhile, the male members of the X-Men awoke to learn that Marvel Girl was sent to the land of the dead, and assumed that she had died in the crash. [134] Bobby went back to Zelda for help, but she was unimpressed with his return after ignoring her for months, especially for coming to her with his problems with another woman. Still hearing the Professor's telepathic calls for help, Bobby decided to go off on his own to find his missing friends. [115] Bobby was able to charter travel to Tierra Del Fuego, but a powerful storm prevented him from taking any flights further. [142] Desperate to reach his friends in the Savage Land, Bobby tried to create an ice slide to travel across the ocean in the powerful storm. [143]

Robert Drake (Earth-616) Graduation costume de-iced from X-Men The Hidden Years Vol 1 11

Graduation Costume, de-iced[144]

The storm proved too powerful and Bobby was swept away in it. He was washed ashore in the Savage Land near the site of an abandoned Nazi outpost where Kyle Lykos now lived. [145] Resisting the urge to feed off Bobby's mutant energies and become Sauron again, Lykos was surprised to find that the youth was stricken with amnesia prior to his arrival. [146] However, Lykos grew concerned about what would happen if Iceman's memories returned to him. [147] Coming close to finding a means of providing himself with his energies needs through technology, Lykos monitored Bobby for any sign that his memory might be returning. [148][149] This all quickly changed when Bobby caught Lykos trying to absorb the energy from a young dinosaur. [144] The pair were suddenly attacked by Magneto and his mutate Amphibius. In the confusion, Lykos absorbed the energy he needed from Bobby triggering his transformation into Sauron. Recovering Bobby found a craft carrying Havok and Lorna on board. Seeing Lorna caused Bobby to instantly regain his memory. Sauron seemingly won the battle when Magneto was seemingly slain when the ground broke away to an explosion of lava. Not wishing to be harassed any further, Sauron used his hypnotic powers to make Iceman, Havok and Lorna forget their encounter with him and return to their home. [149] After recovering their teammates ship, Bobby and the others did just that. [150]

Bobby, Alex and Lorna returned to the mansion to find that Cerebro had detected a new mutant signal in the Himalayan mountains. Before they could investigate the other X-Men returned home from a mission to rescue Angel from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. When Warren's girlfriend Candy Southern informed Warren that his uncle Bert -- secretly the villain known as Dazzler -- was attempting to marry his mom. Reunited with Hank, who was sent back to the mansion by Charles, the X-Men rushed to the Worthington estate to try and halt the wedding. [151] Bobby and the rest of the original team members went to stop the wedding. While the X-Men managed to stop Burt from marrying Warren's mother, he had been secretly poisoning her and she soon died as a result. [152]

Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman and Beast returned to the mansion while Warren stayed behind to see to his mother's funeral arrangements. Learning that Havok and Lorna went out seeking the signal picked up by Cerebro Cyclops and the others went after them. In the mountains they saved Havok and Lorna from the Inhuman known as the Yeti. The Yeti was stopped by the Inhuman royal and the X-Men learned that Lorna was captured due to her resemblance to Yeti's long deceased Skrull lover. When the X-Men returned to the mansion they soon found it had been infiltrated by Kraven the Hunter. [153] Kraven sought to challenge the Beast to combat, a fight the Beast ultimately won. It was also around this time that a group of mutants calling themselves the Promise came out of a decade of cryogenic suspension and began seeking new mutants to join their cause. Their leader Tobias Messenger sought to recruit Lorna Dane as he found that the other X-Men were too indoctrinated in the philosophy of Charles Xavier to ever join his cause. As the X-Men were occupied with Kraven the Hunter, the Promise enthralled Lorna and called her to their secret headquarters. [154] The X-Men went after Lorna, but were easily incapacitated thanks to the various mental powers of the Promise. Unable to convince the other X-Men to join them, Tobias forced Lorna and Havok to be put in cryogenic suspension with them. As a last minute decision he also allowed Lucy Robinson's request to place the Angel into suspension as well. [155]

Tobias then placed the X-Men deep below the Earth in secret tunnels built by the Deviants centuries ago. Battling their way through the tunnels, the X-Men found themselves in Subterranea again and were captured by the Mole Man, who sought revenge against the mutants for his last defeat at their hands. [156] While Iceman and the other fought the Mole Man and his minions, Xavier began trying to assist the Fantastic Four in fighting off the invasion. [157] Charles contacted Angel and aided him in freeing both Havok and Lorna from cyrogenic suspension. with Havok revived first, Charles sent him out to help the authorities with the Atlantean invasion, only for Havok to get attacked by a mob. Angel was sent to find the X-Men, who were still battling the Mole Man. [158] While Warren managed to find the X-Men and helped them defeat the Mole Man, Xavier ultimately stopped Magneto and Namor's invasion by assisting the Fantastic Four. Leaving the Mole Man's lair, Bobby finally realized that his true place was among the X-Men. In the aftermath of this crisis, the Promise were freed from their cryogenic stasis and Avia was returned to the Savage Land. The X-Men later celebrated Hank's 20th birthday. [159]

Secret Empire

Following their trials and tribulations the X-Men went on another vacation. Bobby initially decided to stay home, but Xavier convinced he and Hank go on a roadtrip. The two traveled across America in Warren's convertible, accidentally flooding it when they were caught in a heavily rainstorm. [160] Lorna still hadn't decided if she wanted with Bobby or Havok, and the two shared at least one last romantic tryst. [161]. It was not long before the love triangle between Bobby, Lorna and Alex reached their breaking point. While arguing over Lorna, Alex accidentally blasted Bobby with his powers. Horrified he left the X-Men, with Lorna fleeing after him. [162] Lorna and Alex soon went missing, kidnapped by the Secret Empire, who was secretly kidnapping mutants for their latest attempt to conquer the world. [163] Sour after Lorna's departure, Bobby went into the city and witnessed Spider-Man apparently kidnapping a young woman named Gwen Stacy. Iceman rescued Stacy from Spider-Man, and was sucked into the campaign of Sam Bullit, a shady individual running for New York District Attorney. When it was later revealed by the Daily Bugle newspaper that Bullit had a questionable past, Iceman later assisted Spider-Man in exposing Bullit ending his career and leading to his arrest. [164] Bobby returned to the X-Men shortly thereafter.

Charles was later asked by NASA to mentally probe a passing comet. In doing so, it caused a chunk of alien matter to detach itself and land near the mansion. When the X-Men returned home, the alien matter stripped them of their powers just as their home was attacked by an army of Sentinels. Although powerless, the X-Men used their combat training to defend themselves and keep the Professor safe. [165] Realizing the X-Men no longer had mutant powers, the Sentinels ended their attack and instead targeted Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. The X-Men came to their rescue, and they soon found their powers were not only returning but becoming more enhanced at a rapid rate. Iceman's powers were ramped up to their full potential. Charles soon detected the alien matter thanks to his increasing mental talents, and realizing that this increase in power could be dangerous had his X-Men eject the alien matter ejected into space, causing the team to revert their normal power levels and limitations. [166] However the alien matter had an impact on the Nexus of All Realities located in a Florida swamp causing a disruption in time in space. Charles sent his X-Men to investigate and they were sucked into various portals to possible future realities. Scott witnessed the possible future of Earth-TRN543 where Bobby became a Frost Giant and battled Thor. Channeling his mental powers through the Man-Thing -- the guardian of the Nexus -- Charles helped rescue his students and close off the rift. [167] The X-Men were later called into New York by the Continuiteens who detected a disruption in reality. The X-Men uncovered that it was the work of Spider-Man's foe Mysterio who had stolen swamp water from the Nexus zone to alter reality. [168]

Also around this time, Moira MacTaggart was locating and recruiting new mutants to be trained at her mutant research center on Muir Island. These mutants included the geo-morph known as Petra,[169] the chronokinetic Sway[161], the evolutionary powered Darwin[170], and the energy absorber known as Kid Vulcan. Charles took a particular interest in Vulcan due to his lost memories and his ability to manipulate energy. He introduced Vulcan to the X-Men and had him train under Cyclops, noting that he had control over Cyclops' powers. Charles soon desired to make Kid Vulcan a member of his X-Men. [171] Later, Charles had Beast lead the X-Men on a series of investigations of alien sightings on the behalf of the mysterious Agent Baker, who ceased being an FBI liaison with the team shortly thereafter. [172]

Robert Drake (Earth-616) second graduation costume from X-Men First Class Finals Vol 1 2

Second graduation costume. [173]

With the rest of his team reaching the final stretch of their college education, Charles was secretly away on Muir Island, the X-Men began being attacked by a series of threats including rampant Danger Room robots, a returned Frederick, [174] and strange phantoms of the Juggernaut and an apparent "magnetic ghost" of Magneto [173] Charles returned to find his school in shambles. He called the X-Men back and learned of the recent attacks on the school. After advising his team that he intended to expand the scope of his school to an international level and focus primarily in training new mutants to control their powers and defend themselves, Charles and the others soon realized that the strange phantom attacks were coming from Jean's mind. [175] Charles and his students then ventured into Jean's mind and helped her cope with her fears. With the crisis averted, the X-Men were soon graduated from their classes. [176] Following graduation, Hank was offered a position with the Brand Corporation. Charles and his X-Men bid the Beast farewell as he went on to a new life. Shortly thereafter, Hank accidentally mutated himself further into a more bestial form, a transformation he kept secret from everybody, including Charles and the X-Men. Also unknown to all at the time the Brand Corporation was a target of the Secret Empire. [177]

Not long after this, Charles old colleague Hans Jorgenson had been kidnapped and that Spider-Man was being blamed. Charles sent the X-Men out to find Spider-Man. The group soon learned that Spider-Man was not responsible for the kidnapping, but was seeking out Jorgenson to help cure him of an mystery illness plaguing him. The X-Men and Spider-Man soon discovered that Jorgenson was kidnapped by Spider-Man's foe Morbius the Living Vampire and rescued him. Xavier and Jorgenson worked to cure Spider-Man of his illness using the enzymes in Morbius' blood. Charles then contained Morbius at the mansion for a time. [178] Not long after this the Beast was also captured by the Secret Empire. [179] Magneto resurfaced shortly thereafter and attacked the X-Men directly, incapacitating the group and using his magnetic powers to enslave Charles and most of the X-Men. Magneto then lured the Avengers into a trap, capturing the Scarlet Witch, Captain America, and Iron Man in the process. [180] Unknown to anyone at the time the Angel was captured by the Secret Empire during this attack. [163] The captive X-Men and Avengers were later rescued by the uncaptured Avengers along with the Black Widow and Daredevil. In the aftermath of the battle Charles and his students began trying to learn what happened to the Angel. [181] With mutants still going missing, Charles assigned Cyclops, Iceman and Marvel Girl to check in on their various allies and enemies. Iceman went missing shortly thereafter. [179]

Bobby was held prisoner with Beast, Havok, Lorna, Warren, as well as the Blob, Unus, Mastermind and Mesmero.The Secret Empire was using their mental energies to power a weapon. They were found by Cyclops, the Professor, and Marvel Girl who had teamed up with Captain America and the Falcon to shut the Empire down. Before the captured mutants could be freed the Secret Empire seemingly slew heroes with an atomic annihilator weapon. [182] However the Empire had been infiltrated by SHIELD agents Gabe Jones and Peggy Carter who were controlling the cannon and fired a non-lethal blast. Getting X-Men and the others to cover, they regrouped and battled the Secret Empire when they attempted to storm the White House. While the X-Men freed their allies and defeated the Empire, Cap exposed their leader as a high ranking government official who committed suicide rather than face capture. [183][184]

Second Genesis

Charles soon became aware of a mutant signature on the island of Krakoa, [185] and had his X-Men reunited and sent on a mission to investigate the island.[186][185][176] When the X-Men arrived on Krakoa and realized that the entire island was actually a massive mutant form. The creature attacked them out right and captured them, cutting off their connection with Professor X. [185] Xavier sought out Moira and asked her to allow him to use her students to rescue his team of X-Men. The new students seemingly perished battling Krakoa, and only succeeded in freeing Cyclops. Horrified by this, Charles secretly wiped everyone's memories of Moira's students [187] Charles then gathered various mutants from around the globe to help rescue the captured X-Men. The new recruits included former allies Banshee, and Sunfire, as well as mutants the X-Men previously met such as the African weather controlling mutant Ororo Munroe later called Storm, and Logan who was the Canadian government operative known as Wolverine. Charles also recruited previously uninitiated mutants such as the Piotr Rasputine (codenamed Colossus) who could turn into organic steel, teleporter Kurt Wagner (codenamed Nightcrawler), and the super-humanly strong Native American John Proudstar (codenamed Thunderbird). This new team of X-Men proved more successful, rescuing the original team, and defeating Krakoa by jettisoning the island out into space. [188][189] Charles used his mental powers to cover up the apparent death of Kid Vulcan's entire team, a shame that Charles kept secret for years. [190] Upon their return from their mission, Charles invited everyone to remain with the X-Men, however most of the original team -- save for Cyclops -- left to pursue their own lives. Sunfire also decided to depart from the group, having no desire to be part of the team, having only agreed to help Xavier free the X-Men. Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Banshee, Nightcrawler and Thunderbird all agreed to stay. Soon Charles and Cyclops began training this new generation of X-Men, who would become legends in their own right. [191]


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