Iceman appears as a member of the X-Men who left after Professor X went MIA after the Institute was destroyed. Wolverine and Beast went to re-recruit him back on to the X-Men but his parents refused to allow him to return to the team after what happened. Bobby, being 18, had the choice to either stay at home or return to the X-Men, and he made the choice to rejoin the team. Since he is still in his teens he is shown at times acting like a typical teenage boy such as his facial expression after Emma Frost walks by him in episode 3. He is also not fond of reading and is a bit lazy as he was napping on a pile of books instead of giving them to Kitty to put away. He apparently has a crush on Shadowcat, caught staring at her dreamily before asking her out for a bite to eat (although they were already eating). It is also hinted she may share those feelings. In episode 20, it is shown that he was a member of the original five X-Men despite being so young.


Seemingly those of Bobby Drake of Earth-616.

  • Iceman was a member of the original X-Men. Either this was done to connect the show to the comics or he was between age 8 and 12 when he joined.
  • Iceman is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

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