The past history of Robert Drake of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However in recent times, through unrevealed circumstances Bobby lost the ability to change back into human form. This condition put him at risk as not being in freezing climates would result in Bobby melting. Bobby would relocate to the Northern regions of the planet and create a winter wonderland and accumulate an unspecified level of wealth.

When Galactus would destroy the Celestial Embryo growing in Earth's core, it would cause the Vibranium beneath the Earth's surface to be destroyed and/or redistributed. The result cause the Earth's axis to shift and cause global climate change, causing the temperatures in the northern regions of the planet to become warming causing Bobby's wonderland to crumble and fall apart.

With the temperature in New York dropping to freezing-arctic temperatures, Bobby would relocate to this area and be reunited with his former teammate from the X-Men, the Angel. The two heroes would aid the law in protecting the Human Torch in New York which would be under constant attack by followers of the Church of Immortus who were against the burning of Terrigen Mists out of Earth's atmosphere.

Bobby's powers would aid greatly, allowing the law to protect the Torch under a wall of ice. Eventually, the Church would be disbanded after their leader, Mr. Church (really Mephisto in disguise) would be defeated, and his ultimate pawn the resurrected Absorbing Man (who literally absorbed all of Manhattan) would aid in repolarizing the planet by becoming Vibranium itself.

With the planets axis restored to normal, it's presumable that Iceman returned to the northern regions of the planet, however he would be in attendance during the wedding of Medusa and King Britain. His current activities following this wedding are unknown.


Bobby powers are the same as his Earth-616 counterpart, however at this time Bobby is no longer able to resume his human form, and lives out his days in his ice form. This puts him at risk of melting in warmer climates.

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