Iceman was on the original X-Men who spent their early years during the '60s, as a music band, spreading a messsage of love and peace, until Magneto decided to leave the team and start a solo career. It was later revealed those weren't actually the world's true memories of the '60s, as Professor X had erased the real ones.[1]

In a confrontation with Mister Sinister, Iceman lost his powers when he saved Beast from the same fate. However, unbeknownst to Bobby, Beast wanted to loose his powers so he could return to human and thus swore revenge on him. Without powers Bobby was kicked out of the X-Men and initially became a butler who served Ice, but became a talk show host and interviewed several candidates as a co-host including Bullseye and Professor X. With none of his auditions woring out Beast showed up with a reprogrammed Sentinel. After a successful string of shows Bobby was a rating success but on his 100th episode, Beast activated the Sentinel and burnt the studio down, but found that people still prefered Bobby.[2]

At some unknown point Bobby regained his powers as he was in his ice-form at the Hoggoth's School of Bitchcraft and Blizzardry. [3]

Wolverine and Bobby were having a drink in the kitchen while Wolverine was supposed to be picking up Professor X but Wolverine used the excuse that Weapon X had messed with his memories to justify having forgotten to help Charles.[4]

At a Halloween party Dracula attempted to bite Bobby's neck, however since he was in his ice form, Dracula got stuck.[5]


Seemingly those of the Bobby Drake of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Bobby Drake of Earth-616.

  • The action figure used to animate the Human form of Iceman is the Iceman figure from X-Men Series 3.
  • The Ice form is a mixture of an edited version of his human form and the Iceman figure from X-Men Series 3.

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