Robert Drake (Ice Thing) (Earth-13729) 0005.jpg
Real Name
Robert Drake
Current Alias
Iceman (source)
Formerly Brotherhood, possibly formerly X-Men
Living Status
Adventurer, terrorist
Ice creation of the Mutant Iceman, having gained consciousness
Creators and Appearances


As he grew older, Bobby Drake further developed his ability to split his consciousness among multiple bodies simultaneously. At one point in the future, one of these bodies permanently separated from his consciousness and became an independent entity under the control of Xavier and Raze.

Powers and Abilities


The Ice Hulk possesses enormous size and mass, and with it comes superhuman strength and durability. It has not demonstrated the ability to create and control ice and cold like the original Iceman. Whether the Ice Hulk is fully incapable of doing so, or its limited intelligence is responsible, is unclear.


This Ice Hulk seems to have lower intelligence than the regular Icemen.[3]


  • His exact relation with the X-Men Iceman, whether they are the same person somehow divided by their powers, or which one of them is the future of the time-displaced Bobby Drake or of the present one, contrary to Jean Grey who is confirmed to the "old young Jean".[4]
    • The X-Man Iceman tried to explain the relation between him and the Ice Thing to the time-displaced Bobby Drake but was stopped by Wolverine, after having only said to his past-self: "Eventually you are going to figure out that part of your powers is to--".[2]
    • Phoenix also stated that the time-displaced Iceman stayed in his reality, he would "have to watch [him] hit puberty again", who might state that the X-Men's Iceman is the future time-displaced Iceman, but that isn't very conclusive.[2]
    • Iceman later revealed to both past Iceman that the Ice Thing was one of his creations who had gained consciousness.[5]

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