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This world's Iceman's life mirrors that of his mainstream counterpart up until the point when Jennifer Walters came to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning to read the last will and testament of their mentor Charles Xavier which revealed the existence of the omega-level mutant Matthew Malloy.[1]

With Iceman and the rest of the X-Men present, Jennifer could not read the will as it required for all members to be there which included their former leader Cyclops. With Beast being the only one who knew where Cyclops was, Iceman went with Storm, Beast and Wolverine in the Blackbird to Canada.[2]

With everyone assembled at the school, She-Hulk read the will and revealed two major secrets, first one was that Xavier was married to Mystique before he died and secondly learning of the existence of Matthew Malloy.

While Cyclops and Wolverine left with a small team to intercept Matthew, Iceman was infuriated at Scott for killing Xavier and wished that he would get killed for retribution before leaving the grounds on his ice slide.[3]

Bobby spent the rest of his time at the school, even after experiencing the telepathic shockwave from Cyclops and Magik's death.[4]


Seemingly those of the Bobby Drake of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Bobby Drake of Earth-616.

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