Robert Goom was the accountant for Dutton & Co., a well known drug company. In 1926, Goom along with the owners of Dutton & Co, all participated in stock embezzlement. When this crime was discovered, the owners of the company railroaded Goom to make it look like he was the sole person responsible. He was locked away in prison for fifteen years.

Released in 1941, Goom was thirsty for revenge. Setting up a prison cell environment in his home, Goom captured Dutton and locked him away, wanting him to experience what it was like rotting in a prison cell. Goom then sought out the other owners of the company. Tracking Mr. Crane to the Times Square subway station, Goom pushed his former employer onto the tracks where he was killed by an oncoming train. Due to his small stature, Robert escaped unnoticed, and only his gruesome laughter was heard. As a jest, he left behind a scrap from a medicine bottle for a popular Dutton & Co. pain killer. It contained the product slogan "Laugh at Pain."

This murder attracted the attention of the Angel who soon learned of Goom's past criminal record and deduced that he was the likely suspect. Goom next targeted the second co-owner of Dutton & Co., Mr. Smith. Finding Smith working late at the Dutton head office, Goom forced him to the roof. The Angel attempted to stop him, but Goom knocked out the Angel and climbed up the massive neon sign atop the Dutton building. There he wrapped a noose around Smith's neck and threw him over the side of the sign, hanging him to death.

Goom's undoing came from an unlikely source: The bell-hop girl who worked at the Rounders Club, the last place where Dutton was seen before he was kidnapped. The girl recalled that Dutton was seen with Goom, and surprisingly enough also recalled that Goom wore a size 9 hat that was custom made by the D.L. Bennett Company. When the Angel learned of this, he payed the company a visit. Despite the fact that Goom gave them the alias of "William Jones", the Angel was able to track down Goom's estate.

Goom captured the Angel and placed both the hero and Dutton in a spinning cage, a torture to simulate the 15 years Goom spent pacing in his prison cell -- at super speed. Enjoying this torture, Goom offered his captives a pain killer to "laugh at pain". His gloating brought him too close to the cage, and the Angel grabbed him. Forcing the dwarf's head through the bars, the Angel then took his keys and freed himself. Incapacitating Goom's butler, the Angel stopped the spinning cage and forced Goom to write a full confession. He then locked Goom with his butler and instructed Dutton to contact the authorities.

Despite the fact that he was captured once again, Goom was happy knowing that Dutton would be going to jail for his crimes as well. The Angel noted that while Dutton was going to jail for a long time, Goom would be executed for his crimes.[1] If Goom was actually executed or not is unrecorded.

Strength level

Despite his small stature, Goom has great strength, particularly in his legs, making him a formidable match for a full grown man. He was able to knock out the Angel with one kick and carry a full grown man up the side of a building. His leg muscles also allowed him to run very fast.


Goom's home was equipped with a room modeled after a prison. It included dropping barred doors, trap floors, and a cage that would spin at great speeds.

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