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Marvel Boy was a member of the Agents of Atlas who opposed the occupation of Metropolitia by it's leader Baron Zemo. He and the other Agents attacked a train during the night to free the prisoners who were being transported to Zemos's castle to be experimented on. When they got the locomotive to stop, the occupants of the train broke out of the holding area revealing that they had already been transformed into Zemo's Weapon X.

After gaining control over the mutates through Venus' voice, Marvel Boy started to transfer the prisoners aboard his flying saucer in order to relocate them to another region but was temporarily mesmerized also by Venus' power causing him and the others to leave something behind for Zemo to catch them on.

Later on Marvel Boy dropped the telepathic veil over his teammates after Gorilla-Man was in a meeting with S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Phil Coulson. They divulged to him that they were heading to Zemo's main citadel in order to rescue their leader Jimmy Woo. As Coulson joined the mission, Marvel Boy transported them to the drop zone while he was tasked with another job.

The mission came to a stand still after the Agents were cut off from the rendezvous point by Zemo. As M-11 carried Hale's dead body, Zemo took advantage of the situation and fired a bullet at Coulson causing a mortal wound to the chest. But Coulson signaled Grayson who arrived with the package he was sent to retrieve, Venus. She used her abilities to manipulate the Baron forcing him to fall off the tower to his death. With the loss of friends, Marvel Boy telepathically raised his cloak around the team to make them invisible after Woo put the burden of leadership unto Zemo's son Helmut.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Robert Grayson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Robert Grayson of Earth-616.



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